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Eerie was born on Brikarn Prime, he was adopted by Security Detachment of Eerie Province. He was given that name for the Provence. He was no family name so he had just the single name. He was raised by the detachment. He took Intergalactic relationships in University. At the University he learned the Federation and Klingon languages. During his 2nd year he heard a lecture by a Starfleet officer. Since he was unable to join the Brikar Defense Froce (BDF), (due to his lack of a formal family) and unable to take a mate he decided to apply for Starfleet. During his last 2 years at University he was able to train with the Reserve officer corp at the University. But received no formal credit for it.

He passed the exam, and went to Star Fleet Academy on Earth in California. Which was a major culture shock to the young and somewhat small Brikar. He was assigned a Vulcan roommate and except for one brief social party he attended he stayed in his room when not doing cadet activities. This lead to some ribbing by the rest of his classmates. He did however graduated a bit above the middle of his class. He received no demerits while at the Academy. His counselor at the Academy had him assigned to a Nova class ship with a roommate, one specifically with an out going personality. In order for him to reach his personal goal of someday getting his own command. Despite his up bring on Brikar, he felt that Eerie would need to vastly improve his social skills to reach his goal of command. He majored in Tactics and Minored in Security at the Academy. He is a rated pilot, but his skills are only average.

He was assigned to quarters with Ensign Blackwood, Evanna(now deceased) after some initial if minor problems they have become good friends. Eerie is not the most social person, much preferring duty over social activities, but does have a very dry/deadpan sense of humor if you can get to know him.

Since the events during the mission behind Romulan Space were as now know as the 'Eden' mission. Which the crew lived 10 years on a planet inhibited by natives and the mutiny, within a 'dream' of 10 hours. Upon return to the Avandar he took his own quarters. His relationship with Blackwood, Evanna has become strained due to what happened on 'Eden'.

Unfortunately Eerie was unable to fully reconnect with Blackwood before she was KIA during the mission to the Werent Colony. He had not yet come to the grips of her death.

On duty he is all business, very formal in address and tone.

On several occasions he has had to defend his crew mates, while he is a good shot with a phaser he preferred a much more personal approach to a problem. As with most Brikarn he will give a person a single warning if warranted, but if not he will disarm the problem.

He was first assigned to the USS Aurora a Nova class ship, and recently has been transferred with the rest of the crew to the Luna class ship USS Avandar.

He had started to have some personnel relationships, and one in particular. He had a romantic relationship with a Bolian woman named Ensign Peiy. The relationship ended with his transfer to the USS Vigilant. Eerie was basically learning about dating as he goes along. He had never been romantically involved before that and found it very interesting, yet very confusing at the same time.

Eeire has only a couple of close friends, and is very at ease with them, showing some emotions. He does counts a few other friends among the crew but is still very formal with them. He had risen to the rank of LT. Commander. He is now in charge of the Security and Tactical Departments. He now splits his time in the office and on the bridge for the most part. But he still likes to do the occasion security sweep. Eerie calls it thinking on his feet.

He is most at ease with LT.Commander Matthews of the USS Mercury. Whom he will contact usually on shore leave. He had a growing friendship with Captain of the Marines Kagran.

Eerie has conformed to the dress code of the Federation, and after 6 years of wearing clothing, he has gotten use to it. Most Brikarn don't have the need for protective clothing on Brikarn Prime.

He still prefers to stand on duty, and one of the reasons he choose Tactical and Security at the Academy. He will sit down, but prefers not to.

Eerie has a few connections on Brikarn Prime, but he uses them sparingly. He has not returned since going into Federation service, but would like to return for a visit. He still has routine contact with his mentor and father figure, Supervisor Tredd of the Security Detachment. Tredd was a member of the intelligence department at one time. He normally checks up on Eerie from time to time using his contacts in the BDF.

Recently he was transferred to the USS Vigilant. While it was a bit of surprise to him, he gladly accepted the transfer.

He has formally ended his relationship with Ensign Peiy. He is looking forward to his new posting as Chief of Security and Tactical on the USS Vigilant.