Edward Kreeger/Science Experiments

Kreeger's work operates in the same murky taboo and grey areas of science which include human experimentation(on cloned subjects), human and animal cloning, human-robot interfacing (cyborgs), biological and chemical agents (nerve gases and psychotropic drugs), advanced AI and robotics (unsuccessfully).

Experiment Record

Projects Under Iotian Government Employ:

  • The successful release of a Body armor he designed.
    • The Body armor was tested (fatally) by a collection of Iotian clones. (Records of these tests were destroyed.)
  • Formula J, a compound which turns subjects Deaf, Mute, and Blind.
    • Tested on cloned Iotian, Human, and Vulcan subjects. (Records of these tests were destroyed.)
  • A Breath Strip-like drug that has similar effects to that of LSD for most races. (Records of this invention were destroyed.)
  • A chemical tea that causes permanent memory loss in Iotian's. It affects the subjects memory of the last twelve to eighteen hours, but it's effects were never fully studied. (The government canceled his research.)
    • Further and successful experiments on drug-induced amnesia using the canceled chemical tea project. The full effectiveness of these experiments and to what extent he tested and used this project is unclear. (Records of this invention were destroyed.)
  • A partially functional Cyborg Iotian Clone. The clone went berserk after thirty hours and was subsequently destroyed. (Records of these tests were destroyed.)
  • An unsuccessful mind control chip. (The government canceled his research.)
  • A gelatinous creature born from several genetic backgrounds that had no real traits or features aside from being capable of digesting seemingly anything. (Records of these tests were destroyed.)
  • Robotic Assistants. (The Iotian government considered these a great success.)
  • The successful cloning of a chicken hen that Edward kept as a pet. (He named it Arnold Henny)