Eagle Mission Archive/Daydan Taboo

On Stardate 238501.15 the USS Eagle was put back into service, her long history of computer malfunctions plus substandard maintenance finally rectified. Upon finally finishing the refit at Starbase 118, Commander Daydan Taboo was transferred off the USS Constitution-B and promoted to the rank of Captain. The new crew for the USS Eagle were mostly straight out of the Academy with a mix of experienced staff taken from the USS Constitution-B and Starbase 118. The following are the missions of the USS Eagle under Captain Taboo's command. The archive of shore leave under Captain Taboo's command can be found here.

Chapter One: Undercover Mercs

Stardate 238503.02
Their first mission, once the initial shakedown cruise was completed, was to police the sector surrounding Starbase 118. Illegal activity, including piracy and other attacks upon commercial vessels, had been on the rise. Due to the search of various freighters that seemed to be acting in a questionable manner, Captain Taboo checked with Starfleet Intelligence and found that all the information seemed to be pointing towards Cart'hen III as a possible central location for all the illegal activity plaguing the sector.

On Stardate 238503.02 Captain Taboo selected a choice team to undertake an undercover mission on the surface of Cart'hen III. This team would be led by his First Officer Lt. Commander Victoria Yladro.

On Stardate 238504.04 a major upheaval took place within the government of the city of Mith. The leader of their council of 11, a suspected criminal by the name of Gavik, was assassinated. At this time a team of Starfleet officers from the USS Eagle was on planet undercover as mercs, searching for Gavik to arrest him for questioning. One of the team, a Lt. Tal Tel-ar, was arrested by members of the city Enforcers, a quasi-police force and charged with the crime.

The Enforcers had video proof of Lt. Tel-ar's involvement and signed statements from five eye witnesses that claimed he forced his way into a high security area useing explosives. Once inside he opened fire and killed six body guards. Then he confronted Gavik before shooting him repeatedly in a ruthless display of overkill.

Found guilty and sentenced to death, Lt. Tel-ar was beaten almost to death. Only a last minute rescue mission under the command of Lt. Commander Keely with the assistance of a local guide named Dar and mystery woman Lady Avalia was successful. The away team was then rescued by LtCmd Ben Hunnicutt piloting an Aero-Wing.

Enroute to the Eagle, Lt. Arista Devar provided medical care to Tel-ar. After returning to the ship, Lt. Tel-ar underwent 4 hours of emergency surgery. The guide, Dar, was given passage off world in return for her assistance.

The USS Eagle left orbit and set a return course for Starbase 118.

Chapter Two: Crash Landing

Stardate 238504.30
On 238504.30 Captain Taboo called Yladro, Tel-ar, and Arista Devar to a late night meeting in his ready room, apologizing for cutting their leave short. The first order of business was the promotion of Tel-ar to Lieutenant Commander. The Captain then revealed that the ensemble would be heading back to Cart'hen III to infiltrate the crime ring previously encountered while the rest of the crew would stay back for ship’s maintenance.

Tel-ar, recovering from his substantial injuries in a hover chair, has agreed to be placed on the side lines and Koriander would sub in his place. Arista voiced her concerns about Koriander’s reliability and trustworthiness, especially when they were venturing into a world where they needed more confidence than added liabilities.

Lt. Commander Keely was in charge of the mission, taking Yladro's place as she grew ill. Also added to the team was Petty Officer Jarrett Cook from security and Lt. Seph from Engineering. They would be useing a old, damaged smugglers ship to infiltrate the world posing as mercs and smugglers. They left Starbase 118 under tight security and arrived safely. However when they tried to land the old ship on the planets surface they ran into problems. Various systems crashed and they lost control. PO Cook was barely able to bring them down in one piece but was badly injured in the crash.

They survived and started to walk to the City of Mith. As night started to fall a fierce sand storm swept over them. After it was over they were attacked by a small pack of wild Klingon Targs. Once they were chased off they were found by the Orion Lady of Antiquities, Avalia, the same one who helped them out when Lt. Commander Tel-ar was being held and tortured by the Enforcers.

She let them hide out in her shop until they had to escape into the tunnels under it. Using information given to them by Avalia, they were able to use the tunnels to get close to and then attempt to arrest 2 members of the Council of 11. Everything went wrong and the 2 were killed in the following crossfire. A quick examination of the bodies showed they were shot in the back. The team did not have time for a more detailed examination and had to flee from the area and signaled for help.

Fortunately the USS Eagle (after experiencing some trouble with time threads) had arrived in orbit a few hours earlier and they were beamed aboard without further incident.

Chapter Three: Mirror, Mirror

Stardate 238506.21
After a relaxing leave on Risa, Captain Taboo decides to retry warp 9 to Bajor, to work out all the kinks. Previously, during the trip to Risa, this resulted in a disturbance in space time. In hopes that the ship has made sufficient repairs during their brief rest, the decision was made and, again, the ship slips through a crack and the crew finds themselves deposited into an alternate reality. And, it's not just any alternate reality, it's the universe Arista Devar is originally from. A few scans comparing quantum signatures confirm this.

Upon their arrival, the Eagle collides with a Terran Resistance ship, Evangeline. The Evangeline had been making repairs, waiting out help from Terran Resistance, under the protection of the Betreka Nebula for several weeks. The Captain of the Evangeline, Trevor Rothfeld, decides that the Eagle (which is decided by him and his crew as a ship with unknown intentions) needs to be boarded and selects a few of his crew (who are, ironically, mirror versions of the Eagle's crew -- versions of Tal Tel-ar, Jaired Birks, Emirry MacGowan, Daydan Taboo, Victoria Yladro, xoet twelve, Nick Johnson, etc.) and take the opportunity to invade and conquer the Eagle. The Eagle's number was about up... that was until Arista confronted the leader of the mirror boarding party.

Trevor Rothfeld is revealed to be the older brother of Arista Devar's husband, Adam Rothfeld. First the reunion was filled with shock, but quickly turned to hate when Trevor becomes skeptical of Arista's life after her departure from their shared reality and openly reveals his disgust of her. He even mentions that Arista's husband and daughter are indeed alive, but are prisoners of her deadly sister, Alana Lor Gulok.

Out of respect of his brother, Trevor commands the release of the Eagle, much to the Evangeline's disapproval. The crew of the Evangeline even plan a mutiny against Trevor, for leaving behind a good steal for the Resistance and they question his motives.

Captain Taboo, in response to the situation, appoints Arista Devar as his temporary Second in Command for her knowledge of the area. A plan quickly forms to depart to a safe place called New Haven in the Mirror Universe, in which the Eagle can make repairs and decide on a plan to return to their corrective time line.

After they reach New Haven without incident, Arista takes advantage of the rare opportunity to part ways with the Eagle with a small away party consisting of Pomel, Mo'Bala, Yukiko, and Birks on an A.I. Shuttle called “Zael” to Betazed to rescue her family from her sister's clutches. Arista's husband and daughter were successfully removed, though the reunion was bittersweet. Her daughter thought Alana was her true mother (not taking too kindly of being "kidnapped" from the only home she ever knew) and her husband was near death. The away party was able to escape Betazed in the shuttle "Zael". The House and Alana Lor Gulok were destroyed by a suicide self-destruct initiated by Alana herself.

Chapter Four: A Visit to Miri IV

Stardate 238511.20
Captain Taboo and Lt. Commander Devar were contacted by Admiral Kiru Hodoshi, who ordered them to go to Miri IV and investigate complaints made by various Federation settlers that had founded colonies on that world. Seems they felt they were not being given proper representation by the Miri Planetary Council even though they all had a representative on the council.

At the same time the Admiral hinted that there might be more going on, on Miri IV than met the eye. She wanted them to also take a look into various accidental deaths that had been plaguing Federation investigators on the planet.

Seeing this as an excellent first command chance Captain Taboo ordered Lt. Commander Devar to hand select a small away team to go to Miri IV and start the investigation into the matter since the Captain had more pressing matters that had to be dealt with at Starbase 118 first.

Lt. Commander Devar enlisted the help of the new 2nd officer Lt. Commander Tel-ar in selecting this team. They picked Lt. Commander Xoet, Lt. jg. Scott and Ensign Cam Michaels. They used the Captain's Aeroshuttle, designated the Harrier to fly to Miri IV where they then landed in the center of the city of Cru'ela. This is the location of the Planetary Council buildings.

Once on the surface they were introduced to most of the representatives serving on the Planetary Council. The meetings to discuss the complaints were long, loud and did not result in any resolution to the problems. While Lt. Commander Devar, Lt. Commander Xoet and Lt. jg Scott were involved with these talks Lt. Commander Tel-ar was exploring the city and learning more about the world and its people. Ensign Michaels had met and fallen for one of their guides, a Sara Delirante. She took him around and showed him all the engineering sights.

After they had been there about 4 days Ensign Michaels died in what appeared to be an accident. He fell to his death at the Cru'ela Power Generation Facility about 15 km north of the city near the village of Techville.

An investigation into his death by Lt. Commander Tel-ar and Lt. jg. Scott showed that while the city police lead by Inspector Matt Parner did good work they were rather quick in determining that the death was an accident. Both Tel-ar and Scott had reservations about it being accidental.

However just after the autopsy was performed by Lt. Commander Devar the away team was ordered back to the USS Eagle. They packed up their kit and left the planet.

Meanwhile the Captain and the rest of the crew did a routine patrol of the Trinity Sector and the Serellan Sector. While they were doing this Lt. jg. Birks started romanceing Petty Officer Devitt, the Captain's Yeoman. This turned out to be harder than he thought as his good friend Ensign Williams turned out to have a lot of social problems dealing with females in an acceptable manner. This had to be reported to the Captain.

Lt. jg. Elina Rose Kincade worked in engineering when she was not busy moving into Lt. Commander Tel-ar quarters. Their relationship had finally moved forward with them agreeing to go steady and becoming lovers all in the same night. The night before Tal left on the away mission.

Lt. Shade and Ensign Ku'vall spent the time in the science department working on various different projects.

Chapter Five:Return to Miri IV

Stardate 238602.20
At this time the USS Eagle returned to Miri IV to observe a special session of the Planetary Government. The purpose of this special session was to show the Federation that the people and Government of Miri were serious about makeing the changes needed to become a viable candidate for membership within the Federation.

Captain Taboo observed this special session with Lt. jg. Scott assisting him. By the end of the special session the Planetary Government was able to pass a vote that would result in a complete restructuring of their system of government.

While this was occuring Lt. Commander Devar was left in command of the USS Eagle. The ACTO Ensign Valentino detected a strange energy signal. Upon investigation they found a cloaked ship which they were able to pin point and then secure in a tractor beam. Lt. jg. Birks discovered the presence of trilithium on the cloaked freighter. They were able to target and disable the shields so as to beam the trilithium off the vessel but the freighter was able to escape by plunging into the planets atmosphere.

While this was going on Lt. Commander Tel-ar took his team and started to investigate the strange series of deaths that had plagued Federation personnel. However they were recalled to the USS Eagle before they could uncover anything new.

Somehow Lt Commander MacGowan ended up in the hospital with a slight head injury, sprained ankle and some rather confuseing chemical residues in her blood. She had been going to see the hospitals chief administrator but never arrived. According to the hospital files she was found lying on her side at the bottom of a set of stairs in the hospital itself.

Shortly after all the members of the Eagle's crew were recalled to the ship they discovered that she had not been beamed back. Fortunately before the Captain could send down a heavily armed search team to search for her the hospital contacted the ship to inform them of her location and condition.

Chapter Six:

Stardate 2386xx.xx
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