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Eagle Manual

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I'm a Mentor, Now What?

Being a mentor is one of the key positions in our group designed to help new Ensigns, or really anyone transferring aboard the Eagle, integrate as seamlessly as possible.


The key to good mentoring is contact. While each new player is different, during the first mission you should be contacting the player once every week or ten days. The emails do not need to be long, just long enough to find out how the player is doing, what their pain points are, and of course, tell them what you enjoyed from a recent sim.

After the first mission, your contact can lessen, maybe to a twice a month, but still maintaining the same types of activities. Maintaining a good relationship with your mentee, letting them know you're still available to help will be key.

Around the time the mentee is promoted to Lieutenant you should be able to lessen your mentor/mentee relationship and finish it out. How formal this is is wholly up to the pair, but by that point they should know the type of ending needed (a congratulatory email, a fading into the background, etc).

What if Something Goes Bad

If a mentor feels something is going bad such as: a mentee not responding, a mentee has questions a mentor cannot answer or some sort of OOC issue, please refer the issue to the command staff for help.

Mentoring and Privacy

It should be noted that, for the record, all mentoring conversations should be and are copied to the staff list. The staff list is a separate email list, much like the OOC channel, in which staff members are able to freely discuss shipboard business. These conversations are copied as a matter of record keeping more than anything else; updates and constant communication are essential to the success of the staff, and concurrently, the ship. With that in mind, these conversations are generally left alone unless the mentor specifically brings the staff’s attention to them. We value the privacy of each of our members, and we go to great lengths to respect it.

In that same vein, from time to time, delicate, sensitive or controversial topics may arise in the course of mentoring. Those who are mentors have been placed in a position of extraordinary trust. As a result, if a mentor feels that an email or a topic of conversation is too personal to share with the rest of the staff, or if the mentee would prefer that a certain discussion be kept off the official record, both parties are allowed to act on those impressions. In such a case, the mentor would summarize the conclusions of the conversation for the staff while leaving out any extraneous details.

Other Mentor Resources

Please note that some of these resources may be restricted to ship staff members only. Please contact the CO or FO if you don't have access and think you should!

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