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Eagle Manual


Eagle Manual

1: Expectations
2: Sim Format
3: Below Sims
  • B: the Posting
1: Ship 101
2: The Aavaro Wilds
3: The Crew
  • C: Operating Procedures
1: Missions
2: Shoreleave
3: Submit a Mission
  • D: Advanced Topics
1: Promotions
2: Secondary Characters
3: Department Heads
4: Mentors
5: OOC Activities
6: Player Achievements

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Member Expectations

All members of USS Eagle are required to meet the following expectations:

1. Communicate

The staff of your group understands this is a game, and other things can and will take priority. That said, unless its an emergency, since the game we play is email based, communicating with the group is of the utmost importance. It lets the group know if there is a problem, if we should continue to post without you, and if we have other reasons to be concerned. A short single sentence or two to the OOC group, the CO, or the XO is all it takes to let us know.

An email saying Hey, I'm going out of town for a couple of days and things will be crazy, I should be able to post again on Tuesday. is a perfectly reasonable way to meet this requirement.

Consideration for promotions, assignments (NPC, MSNPCs, etc) and other activities will depend on how well a player meets this basic requirement.

2. Sim Regularly

Fulltime status for the Eagle is a minimum of 3 sims per week (12 times per month). We do encourage you to sim more regularly as it can help other players who are struggling to move the plot forward. If you are having issues maintaining this pace, please contact your mentor, the Commanding Officer, and/or the Executive Officer for assistance.

To be considered for, or to maintain, a Department Head position, you must maintain full-time status.

What if another player hasn't answered a sim I've tagged them in? Give players you've tagged 48 hours to respond and then feel free to continue on without them. If they have not responded within 72 hours you are expected to continue without them.

3. Sim Appopriately

It is important sims are written from the point of view of your character, including the knowledge and experience appropriate for your character. Be sure to remove characterizations, descriptions and the other errata from other players' points of view and to still drive the plot forward.

The USS Eagle specifically, and SB118 in general, is a PG-13 environment and we allow players as young as 13 in the fleet. Before submitting your sim, ask yourself 'would this have appeared on any of the broadcast television Star Trek series?'

If you are unsure of particular content, ask the command staff.

Power simming: Power simming is not allowed. Power simmming keeps other players from writing creatively and contributing meaningfully to the story. Players that power sim regularly will be asked to stop and be asked to work with a mentor.

Powersimming is defined as,
  • Controlling other players characters/presuming actions & reactions,
  • Moving the plot too far or controlling the plot too much,
  • "Over ranking" your character, i.e. having an Ensign think and act like an Admiral
  • Having a character be all knowing, all seeing, all can do type.

4. OOC Conduct

The general rule on the Eagle is be kind to each other. Do not post offensive, graphic, or inappropriate material to any of the Eagle or SB118 groups or chat systems. If you feel an issue is developing OOC, please contact the staff as soon as possible so it does not fester.

5. Deleting Posts

If an error is made, always try to fix it in a sim. It is extremely rare for the CO to rescind a sim. Think creatively and fix issues in the sim.

Extra Pointers

For some extra pointers on writing great sims take a look at a great guide written by one the fleet's best.

REV SD 239601.16