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Eagle Deck 1 Office

The office located between the mess and the lab is occupied by Commander Brayden Jorey. It is used as a base of operations for the Eagle’s diplomatic, intelligence, and strategic operations. At first glance the office appears to be a lavish, tastefully decorated and equipped diplomatic suite. However, there are other assets in the office that are not apparent to the naked eye.

Behind the desk there is a viewscreen set into the wall to mimic a window. It is set to produce an image identical to what would be seen if it were an actual window. This viewscreen is connected to SFC, SFI, and the fleet’s Blacknet. The blacknet station uses its own independent subspace transmitter/receiver and requires voice and retinal recognition, as well as a personalized security code. The viewscreen has no console, but is controlled by a headset with optical display. It is independent from ship’s systems and can connect remotely to the consoles in the Ambassador’s office and Deck 1 Labs. The headset has a short range, but can be used on the bridge in lieu of a console.