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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

The Sciences Division is dedicated to the heart of Starfleet's mission: exploration. Officers in this division come from various backgrounds of knowledge, from the natural sciences to anthropological studies, as they venture out on the frontier of discovery.

While medical officers and counselors are considered part of the Sciences Division in the series canon, for SB118 simming purposes, they have been grouped into their own distinct division.

Icons science.png Science Officer

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  • Main Responsibility: Providing and recording mission related data on anomalies, alien races etc, stellar mapping.
  • Other Responsibilities: Observation projects, planetary surveys, interstellar medium studies, cultural and life form studies

The Science Officer gives the crew background knowledge on any missions that they are about to begin. This knowledge is essential especially when dealing with races, which normally have little contact with the Federation. One tragic example was first contact with the Klingon Empire, where some background knowledge could have prevented decades of war and the loss of millions of lives. This example proves that this background knowledge must be accurate and contain all relevant information.

The Science Officer is responsible for searching Starfleet archives for information pertinent to current events. He/she provides the crew with relevant information on any encountered anomalies, unknown vessels or races etc.

Away teams always contain at least one Science Officer as standard.

Mission Specialist Helm/Com/Ops Engineer Science Officer Medical Officer Nurse
Intelligence Officer Security Officer Tactical Officer Marine Counselor Civilian
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