Duronis II/Northern Alliance

The Northern Alliance was a group of three kingdoms on Til'ahn, before the Great Revolution. It included: the Kingdom of Devi, the Kingdom of Govinda, and the Kingdom of Damodara.

The Northern Alliance kingdoms tended to vote as one block in the House of Electors, although this was certainly not the case every time.

The Northern Alliance kingdoms tended to represent a more conservative viewpoint in the Legislature, seeking legislation which kept the Fielding League in power. Members representing the Northern Alliance in the Lower House of Parliament were also strongly royalist.

Kingdom of Devi


The largest of all the kingdoms, this area was consolidated from three of the original kingdoms. As the most populated kingdom, it had produced a good deal of world leaders, and also lead Til'ahn in the number of Fielding League clerics.

As a conservative stronghold, Devi was highly influencial in many Fielding League matters, but also in ensuring the influence of the monarchy for as long as it lasted.

Kingdom of Govinda


Govinda is considered the most beautiful of the kingdoms, with its sprawling mountain ranges. With both temperate and colder northern climates, Govinda represents a broad range of geographic locations and populations.

Socially the more central of the three NorAll kingdoms, this location was home to Emperor Vikram III, the last emperor before the Great Revolution.

Kingdom of Damodara


Highly conservative, but sparsely populated, Damodara is home to the Fielding League's Great City. The landscape of Damodara is dotted with magnificent cathedrals of power, where pilgrims venture to hone their Fielding skills and commune with the energy forces of Til'ahn. More than anything else, Damodara is a land of reflection, repleat with mild geographic features (rolling hills and plains), and tempermental weather (often rainy and cool).

Very few world leaders have emerged from Damodara, mostly due to the lack of population.

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Northern Alliance: Kingdom of Devi, Govinda, Damodara
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