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The Manaria United included two kingdoms on Til'ahn, before the Great Revolution. It included: the Kingdom of Manar, and the Kingdom of Rania.

The Manaria United's two kingdoms were exceedingly close for centuries, with their royal families intermarrying extensively.

Socially, the Manaria United kingdoms tended to represent technologically inclined viewpoints, seeking legislation which aided in the development of forward-looking prospects on the oceans and in space. The Manaria United kingdoms also tended to favor legislation which allowed for free trade and commerce. Members representing the Manaria United in the Lower House of Parliament were also fairly anti-royalist.

Kingdom of Manar


Manar was the technological haven of Til'ahn, with a highly affluent population benefiting enormously from computerization and automation of services. The earliest warp engines were developed in Manar, as were the main components for Til'ahn's first space station.

Education was also a critical element of the Manar kingdom, with the highest number of literate adolescents on Til'ahn.

Kingdom of Rania


Glamorous and exciting, the Kingdom of Rania was generally seen as the most liberal of the kingdoms, and was home to much "pop culture" on Til'ahn. The Fielding League had the weakest hold here, with the fewest number of installations in this kingdom.

Like Manar, education and forward thinking were important in Rania, and higher learning facilities were mostly collected in this kingdom.

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