Duronis II/Kingdoms of Tanal & Bryque

The Kingdoms of Tanal and Bryque existed before the Great Revolution, and shared one continent on Til'ahn.

The two kingdoms were the smallest, but held great sway in the House of Electors, as they were moderate kingdoms, which tended to vote as a block -- thus creating a swing vote.

Kingdom of Tanal


Generally defined as "normal," Tanal is a quiet "suburb" of Bryque, the tourism capital of Til'ahn. Like other eastern kingdoms, Tanal had a moderately small population and endured very little political strife or excitement.

Kingdom of Bryque


As the resort capital of Til'ahn, Bryque thrived on tourism industry. Hot springs, volcanic activity, white sanded coastlines and such provided a healthy influx of visitors seeking rest in the modern era.

With a small local population, and strong community values, Bryque had one of the highest overall qualities of life for those who lived there.

Capital Province Lokesh
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Kingdoms of Tanal & Bryque: Kingdoms of Tanal, Bryque

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