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The Province of Govinda produces over 55% of the Guyver crop for the entire planet of Till'hon.

  • SIM Description of the Guyver Orchards:  ::Chandra looked devastated. She herself had been born in Govinda, out beyond the forest, over the meadows and lakes near the sweet smelling Orchards that prospered each day from Til'Han's twin suns.::

The Forest of Alamak'ut

  • SIM description: :: Ahishma giggled slightly as she took a step forward and felt the waterfalls soft flowing water hit her long hair and trickle down the nape of her neck. The roar of the water echoed off the slippery rocks as the waters cleansed her and the early morning suns filtered colorful rainbows through the spray. With more color than she'd seen ear colors, the rainbow shone out and Ahishma Chandra bathed in the energy that surrounded her. The energy of the running waters, of the rising sun light of the forest and all the life within throbbed through her veins and her fielding sense relished in her surroundings.::

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