Duronis II

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Duronis II
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Duronis II, called "Til'hon" by the native Laudeans, is a lush, verdant Class M world just outside of Federation space. Its star system also boarders near the Zalkonians and the Romulans.

Til'ahn is a Class M world approximately 14,000 kilometers in diameter at its equator, making it slightly larger than most CLass M worlds (such as Earth). Its atmosphere contains the oxygen-nitrogen mix typical of such worlds, without major concentrations of other gases or even, at this stage in its history, much in the way of greenhouse gases or other pollutants. The inhabitants of some other "highly civilized" worlds envy Til'hon's fresh, clean air.

In fact, Til'hon could be considered a model Class M world. Unlike worlds on the fringes of the Class M category, it has a wide variety of ecologies and environments. As a traveler moves from the ice-covered polar regions towards the equator, he passes through northern temperate, temperate, subtropical, and finally tropical regions, each containing its own distinctive flora and fauna. In some regions geographic and atmospheric conditions have conspired delightfully to create pockets of unusual climate or wildlife, further enhancing Til'hon's biodiversity.

The planet's climate mirrors this environmental variation. Although it has an everage temperature of approximately 21ÿº Celsius, the actual temperature differs wildly based on the location and the season; Til'hon has its beautiful, sunny days, swelteringly hot days, and bitter, gray winter days. It also has generous rainfall - an average of over 120 centimeters, with some tropical regions getting much more. Thunderstorms occur frequently during the summer months, and in the flatter regions of the temperate zones tornadoes can also develop during that time. Due to the fact that it only has one large ocean, Til'hon experiences few hurricanes or typhoons (kel'thrar, in the Laudean language); only the western coasts of Rania and Tanal suffer from them. Sometimes one of these fierce storms squeezes through the Terelix Straits to devastate the northern coast of Bryque before it plays itself out.