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Duronis Embassy Main Foyer

Main Foyer

The main foyer it the perfect welcome to the grandure of the Duronis II Embassy. The Grand Staircase it the focal point of the Main Embassy Foyer. The stairs are carpeted by an antique Laudean runner, a work of art to behold. The floor is rare Zreaee marble from the Govinda Kingdom near House of Mohan, and the rug was commissioned by Emperor Vikram III. Daily, fresh flowers from the gardens of Duchess Mali are brought in from the Tanal Kingdom to adorn the Zreaee pedistal table.

With the main entrance to the Embassy being a double door opposite the staircase this is the large open area where all visitors will first arrive at the Embassy. Following a through security check at the main entrance there is a comfortable seating area for those required to be picked up by an Embassy staffer.

To the right of the the main entrance (i.e. left as you walk down the stairs) is the Embassy's transporter room.