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Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer Team Nercomancer
Saveron First Officer Dragon's Prize/Poetry Slammer
Maxwell Traenor Bridge Officer Outside of Holodeck
Sarah Mason Mission Specialist Outside of Holodeck
Prudence Blackwell Chief Comm/OPS Officer Team Nercomancer
Ardaris Sh’Thelzan Helm Officer Team Mad Queen
Atan T'Seva Acting Chief Security Officer Team Roc
Yito Seja Security Officer Team Nercomancer
Teryn Vehk Tactical Officer Team Mad Queen
Dag Sindri Engineering Officer Team Mad Queen
Choi Ji-hu Engineering Officer Team Roc
Jacob Horne Engineering Officer Team Nercomancer
Shar'Wyn Foster Chief Medical Officer Team Roc
T'Reshik Science Officer Team Nercomancer
Dave Young Science Officer Team Roc
Solaris McLaren Chief Intelligence Officer Team Mad Queen
Name Position Notes
[datafrag] the Dread Dragon Played by Choi Ji-hu
The Mad Queen Janet Crazy Cat Lady, oh yeah and queen Played by T'Reshik
Coming Soon Nercomancer Played by Saveron
Dameroth Wise old man Played by Saveron
The Roc Huge Bird with golden egg Played by Jalana Rajel

Every Senior Officer has randomly assigned a costume that changed their attire and in some cases even their appearance. To give everyone an overview of these changes without having to dig through sims, we list the costumes here. Please remember that some of the characters might not be recognizable on first or even second glance. Have some fun with it!

Jalana Rajel

Race: Drow
Class: Warrior/King
Notes:Gender changed to male
Descriptions: Her arm was clad in intricately decorated metal, a little darker than silver or aluminum. Following upwards and then down her body she realized she was wearing a full body armor. From the feeling it was not put on her skin but instead over a part leather part linen outfit. Blinking, she noticed bright white hair on her chest in a braid and pulling on it she surprisingly realized it was attached to her face. That was when her gaze fell on her hand, peeking out of the armor. It was black with a purplish shimmer in the light. .oO Well that's new. Oo. A moment later she felt a weight on her head and reaching up she felt the shape, but couldn't place it. So she pulled it from her head, a few long strands of white hair getting caught in it. She laughed when she recognized the item as a royal crown, Shiny metal clad with gems, and in the 'dome' filled with a purple velvet piece of fabric. That for sure was not the crown of a princess or a queen. It was too masculine.
And there stood Jalana, in a full body armor, in an intricate style and slightly decorative -with a slight tilt to the right caused by the sword hanging from her hip- with a kind of purple velvet cape hanging from her backside brushing over the floor, the crown on her snowy head with hair flowing over her shoulders down to her hips pointed ears poking out from beneath it slightly, joined by a snow white finely braided beard ending mid chest. Her red eyes slightly squinted under the hand-brella protecting them from the light.
Links to Pictures: Armor without hood or mask, Race look, plus red eyes and white braided beard down to mid-chest


Race: Elf
Class: Queen
Notes:Gender changed to female
Descriptions: The Vulcan wasn’t familiar with the genre of the holoprogram, but the robe that it applied to him, if somewhat flimsy and tight about the torso, was at least not too different from things he usually wore of his own choice.
The Vulcan went to tilt his head in acknowledgement, and felt something start to slide on his hair. Untucking his hands he reached up and lifted down an odd item of sculpted silvery metal, adorned with a considerable number of what appeared to be gemstones. It was decidedly... sparkly.
Although when the breeze blew a pile of his own now long and currently blonde hair in his face he considered having a word to Choi about increasing the practicality requirement in future.
Links to Pictures: Dress, Tiara, Cillian Murphy in curls

Ardaris Sh’Thelzan

Race: Aasimar
Class: Artificer
Descriptions: The first thing she noticed from the program clothing her was the hefty goggles that now rested atop her head, covering her antennae and held in place by several tight leather straps. Bit awkward, that. Her clothing was cloth and brown leather, dark gloves covered her hands. Various contraptions made of metal and what looked to be glowing stone hung from her waist. A dagger of some sort was sheathed at her side.
Links to Pictures: Outfit

Prudence Blackwell

Race: DND Tiefling
Class: Rogue... Assassin? Maybe
Descriptions: As she stepped through, she looked down at her throwing and was amused as, based on her arms and wrists, her skin took on a decidedly deep purplish tint.
She looked over the rest of her body and noted that she was now clothed in black leggings with a bodice that to Rue, seemed designed to make the most out of her breasts, which were now the same purplish tint as her limbs. She noted that the front of the bodice was interlaced with some detailed lace and designs. Under the Bodice was a light white shirt that seemed more form than function. Around her waist was a belt of various pouches and a sheathed short sword. She checked the pouches and found lock picks, herbs, and assortment of other oddities.
Her normal face was a one that was similar to her own, save her eyes were now jet black sclera with red irises. Her hair was white and long and two delicately curved horns extended from her forehead. She blinked and nearly cackled, and then realized she had a curious weight on her back side, and twisted to see she had a thin tail.<r> Links to Pictures:

Atan T'Seva

Race: Halfling
Class: Cleric
Descriptions: T'Seva stepped into the holodeck...and promptly found herself looking up at everyone. An illusion, of course, so she would seem to be shorter. Huh. She was also wearing black robes and had some kind of wooden symbol around her neck. Of a mushroom.
She had to be less than four feet tall right now!
Links to Pictures:

Yito Seja

Class: Ranger
Descriptions: As she went to step forward her attire changed from her cargo trousers to a green skirt with long brown boots and grey legging. Her t-shirt was replaced by a chest plate and her hair was now in a neat plait. She felt straps tying something to her back. She reach over her shoulder and pulled out an arrow, then she noticed the bow slung over her other shoulder. She had no clue how to use the thing. She also noticed a dagger, she’d feel more comfortable using that but this was meant to be a party not a training simulation.
Links to Pictures: Picture

Teryn Vehk

Descriptions: The first thing he noticed was...well, he was suddenly clad in skin-tight metal, metal that slammed tight around several very private parts of his body. To call it invasive was an understatement. The second was his heels suddenly rising off the ground. He stumbled forward with a curse, grabbing wildly at the closest thing - which turned out to be a stall's post. A staff, topped with a white and gold banner and a white jewel, fell to the cobblestones nearby with a loud clang.
Golden metal high-heeled boots rose to his mid-thigh, and leaving the rest of his thighs and up to his hips completely bare. A metal bodysuit covered some of his torso, but hardly all of it; it stopped midway up his pectorals. It was molded over his body as if it’d been painted on, which meant it showed far more of him than he wanted it to, clinging to private bits that didn’t need to be encased in metal or shown off. The only saving grace was a gold and white cloak that’d appeared over him, though some damned fool had apparently cut half of it off.
Links to Pictures: Armor

Dag Sindri

Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Descriptions:He cursed Ji Hoi in his mind as he “felt” himself shrink, but then the unthinkable began. Slowly the horrid feeling he had cleansed himself of years before started to come back. First on his beautiful scalp, then shortly his face began too. The feeling was so oppressive he immediately began to claw and scratch at himself.
Sindri gave himself a quick once over. The outfit was definitely protective enough, but the facial hair was driving him insane. He picked up his axe and ran his thumb over the edge. The holographic environment adapted to his reshaping pretty nicely he thought looking at his reshaped features thanks to the sharp axe. No respectable person wore that much hair.
Links to Pictures: Picture before, Picture after shave

Choi Ji-hu

Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Descriptions: He was a paladin once again, a blade on his hip and a shield on his back, the golden-tinted plate mail bulky and awkward on his slim body.
Links to Pictures:

Jacob Horne

Race: Orc
Descriptions: He was growing taller. His muscles became more pronounced. His hair changed from his neatly cropped style to a mohawk with a braid. A pointy beard sprouted on his face. And his skin changed to a greenish color. His clothes were different too. Suddenly he was wearing armor, holding a shield in one hand and a long sword in another. He had turned into some kind of orc.
Jacob flashed his best orc smile but based on the reaction he could tell it wasn't the same as his regular one. This one was more bared teeth and saliva than his usual warmth and compassion.
Links to Pictures: Inspiration

Shar'Wyn Foster

Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Descriptions: There was a shimmering haze and he stretched to find his thin blue form encased in flowing black and purple robes lined with gold and decorated with polished claws and ornate arcane markings. He had an amulet around his neck, a staff in one hand and some very impressive shoulderpads.
His voice sounded deeper than usual. His hair, while still wispy and white was longer and his skin took on a grey tone that overlayed the blue. Oh and the ears. He had a marvelous set of elvish ears. Funny enough the program had decided to keep his antennae and simply work the illusion of a headpiece around them.
Links to Pictures: Reference pic


Race: Unspecified
Class: Paladin/Knight on horseback
Notes: Affixed to horse via brace and support a la Bran Stark. Some genius has given her access to a sword.
Descriptions:She quirked an eyebrow down at the large animal which had replaced her wheelchair, the modified saddle and brace keeping her secured on its back. Had this been specifically designed for her by Ji-hu, or was it merely an accessibility feature? Either way, it was quite an accomplishment. As was her costume. T'Reshik lifted an arm experimentally, finding the plate armour to be far lighter and more movable than expected. The gentle scrape of metal and the shifting of some weight alerted her to the presence of an object strapped to her back, and after a bit of groping and some rather clumsy unsheathing, the Vulcan found herself in possession of a long and impressive sword.
Links to Pictures: Armour

Dave Young

Race: Human
Class: Archer
Descriptions:Raven looked down at his feet stupidly, confused at what he was seeing. His Starleet uniform had been replaced by what could only be decribed as an old fantasy style peasants tunic, buckles belts and all. oO I look like fraking Robin Hood? So much for first impressions Oo
Links to Pictures:

Solaris McLaren

Race: Elf
Descriptions:Everyone seemed just a bit shorter though. Sol paused confused, now noticing the transformation that had taken place. She looked down at what she was now wearing. Her attire consisted of a ornate yet short kimono with long draping sleeves and a corset shaping her waist On her right shoulder was a pointed pauldron and armor that covered her upper arm. The parts of her legs that werent covered by the bottom of the kimono were covered in a pair of tights. Her left shin was covered in armor similar to that on her arm. On her feet were single toothed geta about 4 inches high, which she was surprised she was maintaining her balance on. An ornate sash kept 2 gently curving swords secured around her waist, the longer one able to be used by her dominant hand, and a shorter one for her off hand.
Her still white hair was done up in a bun, held with just a pair of ornate sticks. Her eyes were still red, though now more so, and framed with heavily pointed eyebrows. A pair of pointed ears stuck out from the sides of her head.
Links to Pictures: Outfit, How she looks

Mission Brief

Coming Soon

Mission Summary

  • Commander Saveron hosts a holodeck party for the senior staff in a Dungeons & Dragons program running on the experimental Faust Control Unit military-grade holodeck processor, installed and facilitated by Choi Ji-hu.
  • Although there's a hiccup in the party when the program randomly assigns classes and races for a number of the officers, the presentation of ribbons and promotions goes well enough.
  • The event is thrown into chaos when a gargantuan, rhyming red dragon named [datafrag] the Dread literally crashes the party and kidnaps Saveron, who was assigned the role of Queen Avariel. The crew quickly comes to the realization that they are trapped in the program with the safeties off, and figure they'll need to finish the quest out to have any chance of escaping.
  • An eccentric NPC named Dameroth the Wise appears and explains to the heroes that to rescue the queen they'll need to gather the golden egg from the nest of a Roc on the great spire of stone to the south, a wand tipped with a Gorgon’s eye from the land of the "Nercomancer" to the east, and the Sword of Ice from the castle of the Mad Queen in the west.
  • Captain Jalana Rajel, in the role of the king, quickly splits the groups and sends the adventurers after the items.

The Roc That Laid the Golden Egg

  • Commander Shar'Wyn Foster leads Commander Atan T'Seva, Choi and the recently arrived, haplessly trapped Ensign Dave Young to find the golden egg of the roc.
  • They beginning by seeking out a map or directions at a tavern in the nearby port city, although they're concerned to find it's name is the Black Hole Bar, the same as the Constitution's ten forward bar.
  • After a disastrous entrance by Choi, they speak to a dwarf named Prospector Olek from the clan of Kirkhammer. He explains they seek Romulan Warbird, a roc that has wreaked havoc on the land and lays a golden egg every 100 years.
  • After swiping a map from Olek, the group sets out into the rocky southern lands. After a quiet journey their are ambused by a group of Romulan-elves.
  • Young hides, but Choi charges into battle while Foster and Atan follow, battling back the Romulans, who eventually turn tail and flee. It is apparent why when the invisible roc, Romulan Warbird, flies overhead, creating a massive windstorm.
  • At the behest of his companions, Young steps out from cover to attempt to fire on the roc, but is grabbed in its talons and carried away, severely injured in the process, though he manages to fire his arrow an injure the roc while it has a hold on him.
  • Choi advises the other two to attack the roc with magic while he climbs up to get the egg.
  • In the roc's nest, Choi is confronted with the giant golden egg, impossible to carry on their own. He prays to the god of engineering and is given a Starfleet Marine issue Bag of Holding.
  • The other two catch Young while the roc turns its attention on the injury, and Choi's meddling with her egg.

Catching the Gorgon's Eye

  • Captain Rajel leads Ensigns T'Reshik, Jacob Horne, Lieutenants Yito Seja and Prudence Blackwell through the countryside to seek the lands of the nercomancer and the gorgon eye tipped wand.
  • As they begin to travel they encounter elven merchants Vinfiriel, Vinfael and Esthaeri, although the elves mistake their approach as an ambush.
  • Blackwell accidentally frightens the elves with a spell, and Rajel steps in to attempt a diplomatic solution.
  • Together, the group offers treasure, a king's gratitude and a diamond studded sword for the elves' help. The elves turn down the generous offer, but offer directions and an Amulet of Turn Undead with three charges, and a ride to the border of the Nercomancer's lands in exchange for a writ of Royal Favour.
  • As they travel on the back of the wagon, the adventurers notice visual glitches in the program, and Blackwell continues to experiment with her magical powers before they arrive in the wastelands of the Nercomancer. After doing some final trading with the elves they set out.
  • The party is attacked by a group of winged monkeys sent by the Nercomancer. Blackwell sets the monkeys on fire with her magic.
  • The Nercomancer sends a group of corpses, dead elves, dwarves, humans and other races, after the party. Blackwell turns the undead, sending them back to their master, and suggests following them to lead them to the Nercomancer.
  • Following the corpses, the party arrives at the Nercomancer's castle, where they are confronted by the dread sorcerer, who turns the corpses on them once again.
  • Blackwell uses an entanglement spell, followed by a spell to set the vines and corpses on fire as a distraction, giving her companions a chance to fight through to the Nercomancer.
  • With a path cleared to the Nercomancer, the others fight there way through. Rajel attempts a manoeuvre and eventually the rest of the team helps her to turn the power of the Gorgon's eye on the Nercomancer, ending his reign.
  • Dameroth appears in military garb, although he claims to be Major Damerov reporting to General Faust. Using the power of a transporter as the military sim seeps into the Dungeons & Dragons sim, they transport to the dragon's mountain and begin to explore the caverns.

Crossing Swords With the Mad Queen

  • Lieutenant Solaris McLaren leads Lieutenants Ardaris Sh’Thelzan, Dag Sindri and Ensign Teryn Vehk through the Forest of Dreams after the ice sword of the Mad Queen.
  • The group encounters a program NPC, Bob of Melnibone, who offers to show them the route to the castle of the Mad Queen.
  • As the group continues into the Forest of Dreams they realize they are being watched by a cat who dashes away moments before the trees begin to attack them.
  • Sh'Thelzan is able to use one of her alchemical abilities to fend off the trees' attack, when a terrible noise frightens Bob of Melniborne into a trap, fearing the Mad Queen is after them.
  • After looking for ways to free Bob of Melnibone, Vehk spots a cat and captures it.
  • The team is beset by a small army of cats, one of which wearing a crown of swiss cheese, forming a ferocious feline escort.
  • As they arrive at a bridge across a moat to the Mad Queen's castle, Bob of Melnibone points out that the moat is infested with river sharks, yet the adventurers press on.
  • After some tricky business with the drawbridge, the adventurers make it inside the Mad Queen's castle.
  • Queen Janet makes her presence known, along with a cadre of cats as both chaperones and accoutrements.
  • The party begins to negotiate with Queen Janet to attain the ice sword. The queen leads the party through her cat and cheese-themed castle to present them with a dinner of cheese and cheese drinks, served by cats.
  • Bob of Melnibone begins to offer some of his wares to Queen Janet before launching into a song of the Isle of Cats. The song has a strange effect on the cats, who seem enchanted into dancing along, and Queen Janet, who becomes agitated, threatening to set her lions on the party. Sh’Thelzan encourages Bob to continue singing, while urging her companions to protect him.
  • As Janet urges her cats to attack, Bob's song melts her body into kittens, until only her head remains, attached to a small body.
  • As tiny Queen Janet throws her army of cats against the adventurers, they fight their way to the ice swords.
  • A pitched battle is decisively ended with the defeat of Queen Janet, and the cats return to normal.
  • With the defeat of Queen Janet, the party is approached again by Dameroth, who seems to glitch out before appearing as a Starfleet Marine Major, commanding them on to the dragon's hoard. Bob of Melnibone teleports them with a spell. They end up at a cave in the mountainside, where Vehk hears Commander Foster's voice.

The Red Dragon's Hoard

  • In the dragon's cavern, Commander Saveron makes a study of the red dragon [datafrag] and attempts to engage the dragon in iambic heptameter. The dragon responds by revealing that she has access to knowledge of the world outside the holodeck.

Outside the Holodeck

  • In sickbay, Mark Two is attacked by a malfunctioning EMH III, Emma, dressed up as a red sorceress. He calls Georgio for help.
  • While a number of the junior staff attend a crew party in one of the Constitution's mess halls, in the Engineering Systems Programming Office, Ensign Paku is convinced that random malfunctions through the ship are connected.
  • Commander Maxwell Traenor returns after a leave with his niece, Cadet Eden Taylor, who is continuing her studies aboard the Constitution.
  • After having trouble with a malfunctioning turbolift, the two run into Paku, who is trying to get to sickbay to stop a malfunction with the EMH. They resolve to investigate the matter together, and Paku leads them to ESPO.
  • Meanwhile, Georgio has responded to Mark's call for help and appears in ESPO, explaining what has happened. Paku is panicked, while the others are skeptical.
  • Traenor consorts with the ESPO crew before resolving to investigate the matter himself with Georgio as a friend of Mark. Paku offers an emergency teleporter and a commline to Commander Traenor before they depart.
  • The corrupted Emma hologram attacks Mark in one of the sickbay offices, demanding he serve her. He calls for help, but she has cut comms to and from sickbay.
  • Outside sickbay, Traenor and Commander Sarah Mason, who has also returned from a leave, run into each other as she attempts to get clearance from Sickbay.
  • Traenor and Mason get into sickbay to find the malfunctioning sorceress Emma has transformed Georgio into a sexy elven poolboy, and is attempting to take control of the holographic beings.
  • Traenor and Mason bluff their way out of danger, offering to alter sickbay's holo emitters to create a shrine for the Sorceress.
  • On another deck, a children's party goes awry when the holographic magician turns on Saavok. The junior officer party is also interrupted with malfunctioning replicators and the lights system going out.
  • Mason and Traenor arrive outside of Holodeck 01, but are restricted access. Traenor points out that the holodeck is drawing on computer power much more than it should.
  • Lieutenant Jerome Milsap, also freshly arrived from a LOA, seeks out a commanding officer not "relaxing" on the holodeck. He gets in touch with Commander Traenor.
  • In sickbay, Georgio promises to redecorate sickbay with Mark's help.
  • At the children's party, the Kapoor twins attempt to distract the holographic magician, who has turned on Saavok, while Ditala and Tyva Dal look for a way to turn the magician off.
  • On the bridge, Lieutenant T'Aven contacts Traenor to let him know that, following several malfunctions, the Constitution releases docking clamps with Starbase 104.
  • Cadet Taylor joins T'Aven on the bridge, offering to help. With Taylor's help, T'Aven decides to take the Navigation Signal Processors offline.
  • Georgio and Mark trick Emma into letting Mark go to find Commander Traenor, while the malfunctioning holograph plans a party for the ascension of [datafrag] the Dread.
  • Mark runs into Milsap outside sick bay and describes Emma's takeover, explaining her powers and that she seems to respond only to flattery.
  • The children try to turn off the hijacked holographic magician, but the control board fries and he continues to chase them. They make it out into the Constitution's corridors and run into Commander Mason.
  • Isatal Zh'Tharseln arrives aboard the malfunctioning Constitution to visit Sh'Thelzan, runs into Ozameen Malyz.

The Boss Battle

The good guys win, the dragon defrags - literally bursting into fragments - and the holodeck is released. Everyone can leave and return to their normal selves. The Faust Unit is being sent back for analysis and overhaul.