Dueld taJoot

Lt. Dueld taJoot, a Catullan, is currently posted to the USS Vigilant as Chief Engineer.



  • Family names: enSerke taJoot
  • Given names: Dueld Yeon
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Catullan
  • Date of Birth: 2363.02.04 (current age: 38)
  • Place of Birth: Nev Zoernheet, Audets Archipelago, Catulla, Theta Pictoris system
  • Gender: male


  • Height: 1.73m
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Hair Color: silver/light purple
  • Eye Color: blue


  • Father: Jurgit taJoot, hydroengineer
  • Mother: Hetekke enSerke, sports media commentator/critic
  • Older sister: Eglas enSerke, site manager for event planning firm
  • Younger brother: Villider taJoot, student

Likes and Dislikes


  • efficient and usable function
  • all kinds of different forms, from sleek to intricate-- loves both Bajoran and Cardassian design
  • has the Catullan gene that processes 'sour' with more pleasure than it does for the rest of Catulla (or other M-class races), so loves dry wines, lemonade, pickles
  • the sound of Catullan zee beetles (burrowing beetles which make sweet high pitched tones as a mating call) in a singing tree (tree with a nutrient-rich loose outer layer in which its seeds are embedded; zee beetles tend to colonize these trees)
  • windsurfing, sailing, Bajoran lightships, ships and vessels in general
  • blueprints

Personal History

2363 - 2381: Normal public education. Family relocates five times during this period as father is assigned new projects in different regions. Dueld learns to make acquaintances easily, but also that relationships weaken quickly over distance. Dueld is generally a good student, but seldom the best-- does well at science and math and visual design, but has difficulty with languages, and has no ear for music. He is a passable student at history and civics, with a wide knowledge of general facts, but not much contextual depth.

2381 - 2385: Finished basic schooling, applies for student visa to Vulcan. Fails interview. Directionless, wanders off to explore Catulla. Spends a little over a year working odd jobs and moving from place to place, then takes a longer-term post as a replication/environmental systems tech on a slow passenger liner (the Joyous Hope) bound for a massive Federation-wide science/spirituality summit on Bajor.

Arriving on Bajor, starts ‘volun-touring’. Helps out with Bajoran restoration projects, and in his spare time sees what is left of the Bajor that existed before the Cardassian and Dominion occupations. Admires the sheer scope and ingenuity of ancient achievements, like the Bajoran lightsailers. Over the next two years, comes to realize how fragile even great civilizations are, and how important Starfleet is in protecting the members of the Federation. Decides to pursue his passion for building within Starfleet itself.

2385 - 238910: Starfleet Academy, Bajoran sector. Major: Engineering. Tested out of courses on replicator and life support systems, barely passed language credit (Bajoran), got permission to take four individual study electives in architecture and design (one each year.)


238912.9 Arrival Starbase 118 (via USS Platuk). Final exam (holodeck simulation). Notification of posting to USS Vigilant, nearing completion on Zakdorn. Begins sudden journey via Andorian freighter along Neutral Zone between Klingon and Romulan borders to Starbase 173, Ferengi trade ship to Deep Space 6, and decrepit shuttle.

238912.19 Arrival Zakdorn. A couple of hours later, while waiting to board new ship, is summoned by Lt. Cmdr Handley-Page to assist in the FO's current mission.

239002.18 Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade after success of the Zakdorn Stratagem.

239004.02 Promotion to Lieutenant and Chief of Operations for USS Vigilant after contributions to encounter with survivors of Zalkonian bioweapon.

239012.28 After reassignment of Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas to USS Darwin, Dueld is transferred back to Vigilant Engineering as Chief.


The TriPADD is the tricorder/PADD composite Dueld is developing. (He named his personal prototype PADDee.) Intensely frustrated by the excruciatingly-limited display space on earlier standard Fleet tricorders, Dueld has been working for some time to create a device with the same processing power and sensitivity as a regular tricorder, but enough room to see and analyze detail.

1) Main display; touch sensitive

2) Speakers

3) Transmitter/receiver surfaces; these have a range of about 100km, or low orbit for many M class planets. When any of the sensor clips have been separated from the main device, these surfaces keep that clip in sync.

4) The sensor nodes in this band alternate with holoprojection nodes (visual only), which can create a small holographic display/interaction area just above PADDee's main work area, if desired.

5) The clips are similar to the detachable cube sensors of some Starfleet medical tricorders, but more powerful because of their larger input/receptor areas. The three clips can be placed in a triangle around some object for more detailed scans.

6) These recesses allow a user to grasp a sensor clip and detach it from PADDee, without compromising the scan surfaces. The green dot merely indicates that the clip is functional and its battery has power, as opposed to the green dots marked here as '9'.

7) Seen under magnification, the sensor surfaces on PADDee resemble those of insects' compound eyes-- rows and rows of tiny nodes, sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, exotic particles, pressure, chemical reactions, motion detection...

8) These transmitter bands on a clip are dedicated to high-bandwidth communication with PADDee itself, when the clip is detached.

9) These magnetic inserts adhere to matching ones on PADDee itself, holding the sensor clips in place. The bright green dots in the centers of these inserts enable optical data transfer (instead of the wireless required when a clip is detached.)

PADDee benefits from some non-standard anti-hacking protections, but Dueld is extremely cautious about its virtual health all the same, especially given the periodic attacks on databases anywhere with records of Dueld's existence.



Joint Meritorious Unit Award (also on 239103.11)
Klingon Invasion ribbon


Explorer’s Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon


    Nebula Bar, Scotty Cross


  Voyager Medallion