Dronni IV

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Dronni IV is the capital of Ateda space and is located in the Dronni system in the Freeworlds Region. It was formerly a world known as Iena and was the original homeworld of the Ienau, who were ousted by the Atedas in several throusand years ago. The Atedas migrated to the Dronni system from their original homeworld of Ialnys. The planet is controlled by the ancient ruling Ateda families, who also rule its moon Sinosa from Dronni IV.


Dronni IV is a very large planet, though it has no natural heavy metals, and this causes its density to be less than on most worlds. A day on Dronni IV lasts 87 standard hours, and a year lasts 413 local days.

Dronni IV had once been a jungle world though the Atedas transformed it into a polluted and burdened world. Much of the surface is covered by flat, marshy bogs, stagnant, muddy puddles and patches of sickly marsh grass inhabited by insects and spiders. The atmosphere is also polluted by strip-mining operations in Dronni IV's industrial centers, and a greasy rain drizzles down on the surface. Raw materials are constantly strip-mined from the planet's surface and shipped to Sinosa for processing and export.


The Atedas had owned property on Iena millennia before they ousted the Ienau. After the Atedas abandoned their homeworld Ialnys thousands of years ago, they migrated across space and came to Iena. Having decided that Iena was a suitable home, they traded their technology with the Ienau in exchange for pieces of land on Iena. The Atedas continued doing this until the Ienau realized that their homeworld had almost been bought out from under them. Ateda palaces, amusement parks and other constructions were built all over Iena, and the Ienau could do nothing about it.

They appealed to the Valcarian Republic, though the Republic sadly ruled in favor of the Atedas. The Ienau were eventually evicted from Iena by the Atedas, and relocated to the planet's fifth moon, which would later be known as Sinosa. On Sinosa, the Ienau began mutating due to the various technologies practiced on the moon. The Ienau were believed, incorrectly, to have died off from prolonged exposure to Sinosa's polluted atmosphere. Their descendants remain hidden in the lower levels of the ecumenopolis. Meanwhile, Iena was renamed Dronni IV by the Atedas.

Dronni IV became the capital of Ateda space and is controlled by the ancient ruling Ateda families, who also rule its moon Sinosa. For a time, Dronni IV and Sinosa prospered since they were located on popular trade routes. However, when the trade routes shifted, Dronni IV and its moon became havens for smugglers, pirates, and other criminals.