Drajev Nesterovi

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Drajev Nesterovi Flamespeaker
Position Street preacher
Rank Civilian
Species Hinji
Gender Male
Birthplace Unrecorded, Leron III
Writer ID D239311T10

Image retrieved from law enforcement archives 239201.03

Drajev Nesterovi Flamespeaker is a Hinji preacher from Leron III.


  • Height: 5'3
  • Subspecies: Feliform (Akrajn)
  • Clan affiliation: Nesterovi
  • Eyes: Light gold, green corona, slit pupils (feliform variant)
  • Hair: Light silver-brown
  • Skin: Pale
  • Fur: Silver-blue
  • Distinguishing features: Visible scarring, left ear
  • Occupation: Preacher
  • Last known location: Tirtahl Displacement camp
  • Known associates:

Current activities

Image retrieved from evidence files, 238901.20

Currently resident at Tirtahl Displacement Camp. Describes occupation as "preacher". Considerable local following. Suspected to be involved with religious vigilantist groups. Has been implicated in numerous violent incidents but witness accounts have been either withdrawn or found to be unreliable.

Previous detainments

  • 237906.11 Petty theft. Transferred to child welfare services without charge.
  • 238102.04 Located and returned to foster care on behalf of child welfare services. Cautioned for wasting enforcement time.
  • 238106.29 Petty theft. Located and returned to foster care on behalf of child welfare services. Cautioned for wasting enforcement time.
  • 238309.15 Burglary, property damage, possession of controlled substances. Sentenced to six months in juvenile detention.
  • 238405.01 Possession of weaponry with intent to harm. Sentenced to two years in detention.
  • 238701.09 Disorderly conduct. Detained overnight, released with a warning.
  • 238802.21 Soliciting. Released with a warning.
  • 238802.29 Brawling. Charges dropped by other party.
  • 238812.13 Suspected soliciting. Released due to lack of evidence.
  • 238901.20 Burglary, property damage. Sentenced to twelve months rehabilitation. (Released at nine months for good behaviour.)
  • 239011.06 Incitement to public disorder. Released on religious grounds with a warning.
  • 239201.03 Suspected incitement to violence. Released due to lack of evidence.