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The two squads of marines about the USS Doyle-A are members of Delta Company of the Starfleet Marine Corps' 12th Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment nicknamed "Stormwalkers". The two squads are primarily assigned to handling more combat and hazard oriented missions. The division of authority has been made that Security maintains the internal defense of the ship with Marines augmenting where needed and the roles reverse dealing with outside threats.

Boarding Action

Though traditionally, the chain of command of the Starfleet Marine Corps is separate from that of their naval equivalent, recent space exploration has resulted in a hybrid situation where marines have been tasked to augment other positions on board a ship. Smaller vessels of starfleet have been known to even require marines to train and certify in a different department so they are able to server in that capacity when called upon.

Squad Breakdown

The USS Doyle has been assigned 2 squads of 12 marines each plus their leadership. Each squad has an Officer in Charge(OIC), 2nd Officer (2OIC), and a Senior Non-commissioned Officer of Staff Sergeant or higher. These two squads report to a Marine Commanding Officer(MCO) that reports directly to the naval captain in charge of the vessel they are assigned.

Special Functions

Hazard Team

Though not strictly a marine only unit, the Hazard team is a special hazard response force made up of the best members of needed departments. A Hazard Team is made up of four specially trained personnel and are pulled from the Medical, Tactical, Security, and Engineering departments. Hazard team members do not have to be marines, but because of it's tactical implications, the program falls under the marine umbrella.

Hostage Rescue

To apply to the hazard team, a applicant must interview with the head of his department, either the Commanding Officer or First Officer of the ship they are assigned, and the marine officer. Upon receiving tentative approval, an applicant will take a physical training test, knowledge test, and a psych eval. Final determination will be made with a discussion between the Marine Commanding Officer, the CO and/or FO.

The USS Doyle has 2 Hazard Teams:

  • Hazard Team Alpha
  • Hazard Team Bravo

Hazard Response Team (HRT)

In situations that revolve around a natural and environmental threat, a HRT team is responsible for securing and rescuing anyone in these situations. They are not strictly a combat unit, focusing on rescue in overly dangerous environments. Much like the Hazard Teams, it is not strictly marine, but it's training regime has it fall in to the marine world. HRT is a group with no limited size and must be sponsored by a chief of their department and receive a recommendation mark from the ship's commanding officer.