Doyle Award Ceremony, 2016

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Susanna: Hello Doyle-ians! Welcome to the 2016 Starbase 118 Annual Fleet Awards! This is your first officer, Susanna, and my co-hosts, Jonathan, and Nicole here to announce our winners of the General Awards! These awards are given by ship and are chosen by the staff of the USS Doyle as a group. Thank you all for your nominations, those are vital in helping us determine who should receive each award!

Jonathan: In my six years of active service with UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG, one of the best parts of being in this community is how much we not only care for each other, but also love what we do. Each year, Starbase 118 RPG holds an Annual Fleet Awards where we get a chance to honor and reward the hard work and dedication from every echelon of our group. Today, I have the honor of informing you all who has won 2016 General Ship Awards!

Susanna: So to start off, we have the B-Plot Award, which is given to simmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot. And our B-Plot Award goes to...Alexander Bishop! Congratulations, Mister Bishop, you have done amazing work!

Jonathan: Alexander Bishop has been a creative force when it comes to writing about his character while keeping up with the demands of his ship. Even one of his nominators’ said, "Alexander Bishop always has more to his stories than just the main ship plot. He's involved in a romantic relationship, which he writes beautifully, and he goes into detail about his relationships with his family."

Nicole: We had so many candidates for this award, it was a tough choice and I am so proud of how interesting and well rounded the crew on our ship is. I look forward to watching your characters all come to life and grow over the next year, seeing how the missions impact them. This year was fun, and next year will be great again for our stories.

Susanna: Next, we have two awards for a well loved member of our crew! The Genesis Award is given for the player who shows the most improvement over the last year. It is used to honor those who show conspicuous effort in improving their simming skills. We also have the Silver Palm Award for boosting the morale of the Doyle crew, and for adding spark and humor to the story in their sims. I’m proud to present this award to Brandon Craig!

Jonathan: Brandon Craig has come a long way since he was an Ensign on the USS Doyle so long ago and now as he moves up in the ranks he is making friends and spreading cheer wherever he goes and we feel he has truly earned both the Genesis Award and the Silver Palm.

Nicole: I think one of the things I like most about Brandon Craig is the calmness that follows him around. When he joined the Doyle a year ago, he adapted quickly to the style and was eager to engage with the crew. I saw this in him and knew he was going places. Through the last year, I have watched him improve both in quality and eagerness (if that is even possible). I am anxious to see where he'll go during the next year, congratulations on both of these awards Brandon, you deserve them!

Susanna: For a simmer who always gives us full and detailed descriptions, we have the Nebula Bar. This award reflects this player’s great imagination in creating settings and environments. This simmer has also put his imagination to work in creating a three-dimensional and vivid villain, for which we would like to present the Khan Award! I’m pleased to present the Nebula Bar and the Khan Award to our own “Big Blue”, Tal Tel-ar!

Nicole: Sometimes, when I read Tel-ar's descriptive sims, it's like an immersion experience. He’s like a method writer, completely becoming the part he is writing. Tel-ar, your sims are so detailed and descriptive, they bring a lot of entertainment!

Susanna: Next we have one of our brand new awards, the Laudean Commendation. This is the first year we’ll be handing out this award. It represents the player who has done the most to expand on a species or culture. This first award couldn’t have gone to anyone except our wonderful Gorn, Nugra. Nugra has gone into so much detail exploring the nuances of Gorn culture, religion, and even cuisine, that it has created a rich world for other players to step in and make their own Gorn characters.

Susanna: Though the In Character Universe is the point of our game, we want to recognize someone who is extremely helpful Out Of Character. She is someone who is always willing to lend a hand to the staff of the ship, whether it has to do with the wiki, the forums, or just keeping track of things on the Doyle. I’m proud to give the Neelix Award to Sabrina Holly! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Susanna: The Q Award is presented for a simmer who continually surprises their crew with unexpected, devious plot twists throughout the year. We have had so many twists and turns during the last year that this was another hard choice. But I’m pleased to award this to Michelle Tonston, for the way she keeps us on our toes.

Nicole - When it comes to Tonston, anything is possible. Anything!

Jonathan: Wheeeee!

Susanna: Next up, we have the Russ Bar. Named for famed actor and fan Tim Russ, who played the character Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager, this award recognizes a player whose knowledge of Trek lore is extraordinary. We were pleased to award this to a member of our crew who always surpasses us in canon knowledge and makes sure to keep us on track with Trek! Congratulations to Ceciri Hakashri!

Jonathan: When it comes to simming, there is a lot more that goes into it than what we are taught in the academy and that was what The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA) award stands for. Since her joining the fleet, Talia Kaji has worked hard to make her sims as perfect as possible and to instruct others on the nuances of our writing craft. Congratulations goes to Talia Kaji for winning the TOSMA award!

Nicole: Speaking of our wonderful First Officer, Talia Kaji, she has a way about her that she really wants those she is mentoring to not only get the knowledge but understand exactly where it's coming from. She takes great effort in making sure not just to give guidance, but also provide assistance in applying it. She is extremely patient, and takes everything to heart. As she helps one of her mentees, she celebrates each of their successes, and when they need additional assistance, she really goes to bat for them. For this reason, she really embodies the Pathfinder Award, and I am proud to award it to her today!

Susanna: ::blushes:: I’m really honored. I know my writing isn’t perfect, but I hope you all are inspired to work hard on editing and improving your writing. It’s a constant learning process, and through this game, we’re all becoming better writers!

Susanna: Last, but not least, we have the Sheathed Sword. This is awarded to a player who decides to inflict mental and/or physical trauma on their character, and then dives into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner. I’m proud to present this award to our Captain, Selene Faranfey, for her portrayal of Selene’s traumatic life experiences and her slow road to healing. Your writing has been heartfelt and genuine, and we wanted to honor that!

Susanna: That’s all the General Awards for this year! They will be posted in the forums, so you can congratulate the winners there or in reply to this thread! Thank you all for your hard work! We could never have this game without the community, and every one of you is integral to the USS Doyle. Keep up the good work and who knows who will win next year’s awards! ::clapping:: Congratulations everyone, and thank you all!

Jonathan: Stay tuned though as the Official Awards Week will begin on June 25th where all those in the fleet that were nominated for Special, Duty Post, Length of Service, and Staff Awards will also be awarded! We will also find out who won the Top Sim of the Year!

Susanna: As the Forums will be decorated for the Awards week, we invite you all to dress your characters up in formal wear in your profile pics. This is a fleet-wide thing we’re a part of and we all want to look our best!

Nicole - Look at what they ordered me to wear for this shindig. Dress whites apparently weren't fancy enough for these awards, that's how special you all are to me.