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Ensign Dopak, a Rigelian is currently serving as a Security Officer aboard the USS Darwin-A.

USS Darwin-A
Dopak 2.png
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Rigelian
Gender ExoMale
DOB 236504.09
Age 36
Birthplace Telpeth Province, Rigel V
PNPC played by Nathan Baker


  • Height: 1.94 Meters
  • Weight:
  • Hair: Dark Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Tall and Muscular


  • Parents:
    • Datoa (Father)
    • Tinia (Mother)
  • Siblings: Hokat (younger brother)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


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Personality & Manner

  • Quarters

Very organized and tidy. He has paintings of landscapes and other calming subjects to help him on his spiritual path.

  • Favorite Room

The Gymnasium

  • Habits

Always likes to stand up straight. Keeps his hands clasped behind him when not in use.

  • Mannerisms

Speaks properly and with a solidly baritone timbre, but maintains a normal volume unless it's necessary to raise his voice. Though he can come off as stoic and proper

  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion

Like most Rigelians of his culture, Dopak believes that a healthy mind a body lead to enlightenment. He, therefore, keeps in shape and maintains a calm demeanor through meditation and other rituals.

  • Hobbies and Pastimes

Dopak is a "gym rat." When he's not on duty or meditating, you can usually find him in the gym or on the holodeck running to keep his body in top form. He's also proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts.

  • Likes

Exercise, Meditation, puzzles and other mind-enhancing games (such as Vulcan kal'toh), healthy eating, organization.

  • Dislikes

Chaos and disorganization, food that is bad for you. In large, open spaces he tends to get a bit agoraphobic.

  • Ambitions and Goals

Dopak would like to continue his path to spiritual enlightenment while maintaining a career in Starfleet.

  • Achievements in Life

Attaining Master Level 5 of the "Kram Jal", the highest level of the Rigelian Martial Art. Graduating Starfleet Academy.

  • Disappointments in Life

Not finding a mate before leaving for Starfleet.

  • Temperament

Though he prefers to keep to himself, Dopak is not opposed to friendship and social engagements. Although if there is something that can help stretch his mind or body involved, he is more likely to enjoy himself.

  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias)

Due to being raised underground on Rigel V, some large and open outdoor spaces can cause some anxiety. His ability to focus and clear his mind helps him greatly.

  • Physical Limitations

As a Rigelian Exomale, Dopak is of the larger and stronger members of his race. The downside is that he's a bit on the slow side when it comes to running, but makes up for it with stamina and balance.

Background & Personal History


236504.09: Born in the Telpeth Province on Rigel V.

237906.22: Earns Level 1 in Kram Jal at age 14.

238205.05: Accepted to Starfleet Academy - Majors in Security

238406.15: Earns Master Level 5 in Kram Jal.

238609.01: Graduates Starfleet Academy. Assigned to Security Detail at the Rigelian Embassy on Earth.

238701.12: Requests a Transfer to Starship duty due to psychological reasons. Assigned to USS Constantinople as Security officer.

238902.28: Transferred to USS Merrimack as Security Officer

239104.11: Transferred to USS Darwin-A as Security Officer


Dopak was born to Datoa, a Security Consultant, and Tinia, a Kram Jal instructor, in the Telpeth Province of Rigel V. From an early age he was taught to find discipline in mind and body to find a personal spiritual enlightenment. As an exomale, some of Dopak's peers thought this would be difficult for him due to his inherent nature as a more hunter-gatherer of the species. However, he used this more to his advantage in his daily exercise and meditation regimen.

His mother began teaching him Kram Jal, an ancient Rigelian martial art similar to Earth Judo, from a young age. On top of that, Dopak was fascinated by his father's work. Datoa helped provide security for several delegations from other Federation and Non-Federation worlds' embassies on the planet's capitol city. Specifically, the young boy enjoyed asking questions of the Starfleet officers assigned there or who would take leave on the planet.

After his brother Hokat was born and they were both old enough, the two made a pact to both join Starfleet and move through the ranks while maintaining a balance with their spiritual paths. While Dopak maintained his love of disciplined combat and protecting others, Hopak became more interested in Medicine and wanted to become a physician.

At age 14, Dopak attained the first Master Level in Kram Jal thanks to the dedicated teaching from his mother, an already accomplished master of the skill. Though it normally took practitioners of the sport many years to earn the first level, Dopak became one of the younger Rigelians to earn that rank. Kram Jal became a dedicated hobby for the boy through his formative years, including through Starfleet training.

The Rigelian was accepted into Starfleet Academy at age 18. He majored in Security and easily excelled in unarmed combat. Though he struggled with Phasers at first, Dopak eventually developed good skills to use the weapons. He considers a regular routine to hone his targeting both good mental exercise and training for his chosen vocation.

While in his Junior Year, Dopak earned Level 5 Mastery of Kram Jal... a feat usually only dedicated artists attain after many years of study. His sensei/mother was very proud and remarked how disciplined Dopak had been even through all of his Starfleet studies.

Dopak graduated in 2386 and was almost immediately assigned to the security detail at the Rigelian Embassy on Earth. Though the young Ensign was honored to be serving both his homeworld and Starfleet, it didn't take long for his slight-phobia of open spaces to start affecting his well-being. Though the outward focus was barely visible from most people, Dopak felt the strain was affecting his ability to maintain discipline and his spiritual obligations. He'd been able to maintain his composure while at the Academy in order to graduate, but the continued exposure to open areas was continuing to affect him. After some counseling, Dopak requested a transfer to Starship duty hoping the change in location to a more enclosed space would help.

The Rigelian was granted a transfer to the USS Constantinople. He later served on the USS Merrimack until eventually accepting a third transfer to the USS Darwin to serve as a Security Officer.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 238609.01 Graduated Starfleet Academy Security
Ensign 238609.02 - 238701.12 Rigelian Emabassy - Paris, Earth Security Officer
238701.12 - 238702.28 USS Constantinople Security Officer
238902.28 - 239104.10 USS Merrimack Security Officer
239104.11 - Present USS Darwin-A Security Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

Character Notes

Rigelian Gender

  • Rigelians from Rigel V have four visually distinguishable sexes. The exosexes possess an extra Z chromosome and outnumber the endosexes by 2 to 1. Endosexes are comparable to the male and female genders of typical humanoids. From an evolutionary standpoint, the exosexes are more robust and aggressive than endosexes, and better adapted to handle hunting and gathering while the gentler endosexes stayed in the camp to defend and nurture the young. Exosexes are sallow-skinned and had a variety of eye colors. Endosexes are red-eyed and silver-skinned. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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