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STO Blank Black.jpg
STO Blank Black.jpg
Arress ir'ch'Rihan t'Kharik (Former)
Position Civilian, Child
Rank Blank
Species Romulan
Gender Female
DOB 238003.04
Age 21
Birthplace Romulus

Ditala is a child and civilian currently living aboard Starbase 118. She was born on Romulus to Sabochr ir'Iuruth tr'Kharik and Mahela ir'ch'Rihan t'Kharik in 2380, and can trace her lineage far back in the Romulan nobility. She defected to the Federation along with her father in 2384. She has the remains of a massive burn scar on her face, which she's currently undergoing cosmetic operations to remove.

Now that they lead a somewhat more stable life, Ditala has shown an interest in bugs and insects, and has carefully taken up socializing with the other children, though she's not had a lot of success. She is slow to trust and tends to be quiet except when her father is around...but she has a sly character and is also learning that she likes to play pranks, especially on other children.

Her rough upbringing has turned the girl practical and quick-witted.