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The Captain's Ready Room is the equivalent to an Office. Here, the Captain will take private messages and have one-to-one conferences with staff without impeding the duties of the other Bridge staff. This Office is perhaps one of the only places on board where the Commanding Officer can fully relax when on duty. The Ready Room allows for all the comforts of the Captains personal quarters. It is located on the left side of the Bridge. There is no hallway between the main bridge and the Ready Room.

It is likely that most Officers on the vessel will never see the interior of the Captain's Ready Room. The room includes a desk, a small table, a couch, three windows and a replicator.

The captain's desk is a simple yet sleek design showing Starfleet's flare for design. To the immediate left of the captain's desk is another door, leading to a personal bathroom, which includes a sink, toilet and shower, this allows the Captain to increase efficiency of work, allowing his to freshen up without having to attend his quarters. To the left is a bed which turns into a couch if need be.

The desk has LCARS terminal, enabling access to the ships main computer. One or more PADDs, providing access to all relevant data are usually scattered around.

The current Commanding Officer is Tyr Jashin Waltas