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Discovery-B Medical Complex



In accordance with Starfleet SOP, the USS Discovery-B is equipped with two Sickbays, a smaller Auxiliary Sickbay on Deck 11, and the Main Sickbay within Medical Complex on Deck 4.

Main Medical Complex

The Main Sickbay is the medical complex dedicated to assuring the health and well-being of the crew, and as such is host to some of the most advanced medical technology available. The Medical Complex takes up forward most areas of Deck 4, and is divided into specialties.

There is the Main Sickbay area, adjacent to the CMO and ACMO offices, used for initial diagnosis. This area is able to cordon off by force fields to allow quarantine or containment to be established. It is also houses the most advanced medical sensors for detailed analysis and diagnosis of a patient's condition. This area also has a few other beds for cases that the CMO may have taken a special interest in.

Exploring further, one would find that the Sickbay has other facilities. There is a ward for recovery from medium to major injuries (crew people with minor injuries return either to duty or to their quarters to recover unless instructed otherwise). This ward consists of one and two bedrooms, and a nurses' station.

There is a quarantine corridor, with eight single bedrooms. These rooms are notable for a dual force-field ingress/egress route that guarantees isolation of pathogens, serving as both a redundant safety measure and an airlock system.

Other notable areas

  • Operating Theatres
  • Post Op Recovery and Observation
  • Medical Lounge
  • Dental Suites
  • Rehab Area (usually supplemented by the ship's Gym or Holodeck)
  • Medical Research Lab

The environment in various parts of Sickbay can be altered from the CMO's office or the nurses' station to cater to different species needs and requirements. Sickbay shares Deck 4 with the Counseling/Therapy Center .

In the event that the medical staff is unavailable or incapacitated, the USS Discovery-B is equipped with a Mark 5 EMH program. It is possible to run multiple instances of this program, one in Main Sickbay and one on Deck 11. This sophisticated piece of programming can perform most of the functions of a doctor or orderly and has instant access to all medical information in the ship's computer.


Auxiliary Sickbay

This area of the ship is designed to handle such injuries as usually occur in Engineering, typically burns, cuts, scrapes, electrical shocks, and the like. In a ship-wide emergency, this area can treat a multitude of injuries, though it is less well equipped for the task than the Main Sickbay.