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Personal SIMs

Cadet Tya Dirsye: Arrival to Starbase 118

Roay arrived to the station whole day before Tya, hired the apartment and after preparing everything for his next expedition, went to the quarters and arranged everything to the likings of his future wife to be.

He couldn’t say he loves Tya as he should, but he definitely could feel the connection. They were chosen because they fit together and he knew that no matter where his life takes him and where her life takes her, they will be husband and wife when the time for them to settle down comes.

The room was full of lowers, he chose scent of the room to resemble the woods of their home district and he bought some relaxing bath salts. ‘Will that say too obviously how much I missed sex with her? It will, but who cares, I do want it.’ Alarm told him it’s time to go.

He was now standing nervous by the exit from the docking ring. He felt her before seeing his beautiful bondmate. Tya felt him the moment they entered the system, still approaching the station. She could feel his desires and emotions and those made her tremble in anticipation. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. “Roay Te’Amal, what are you doing here?”

“Waiting for my imzadi.” He held her in his arms and kissed her warm lips. “Come, I rented an apartment for you. I will organize everything for the Family gathering tomorrow, you just relax and be ready for the final exam. I know you’ll excel. She let him carry her bag and lead her to the housing he prepared. Everything was perfect, though she expected nothing less. They grew up together and he knew her too well.

While she was preparing her uniform for the exam tomorrow, he was preparing her the bath. He entered the bedroom from bathroom and slowly took off her clothes from her. She loved when he was doing that. When she was all naked he carried her to the bathroom and put into the bath tub prepared with salts and oils, massaging her till Tya relaxed completely. She was ready for him and he could sense it, so he carried her in the bedroom.

As always, sex with him was fantastic. “Why you don’t marry me?” She asked for who knows which time. “We are not ready and I will not force you into it because your grandma wants it. You know it’s our destiny and we will do that, but I want to succeed in my work and you want to experience the Galaxy. Have those years of freedom and then return to me.” He was cuddling with her, still giving her a pleasure.

In the morning, Roay helped her to put the clothes on, set everything in exactly perfect place on her uniform and tie her hair to the bun which will not contain dangerous pins but will be held tight up. After a kiss Tya went to the Holodeck for the exam, while Roay stayed in the apartment to prepare everything for the friends and the family who will arrive to congratulate new Ensign. He ordered variety of foods and drinks, since not everyone will be Betazoids and he was well versed in traditions. Though not the head of the family, his mother was still the respected Lady.

Ensign Tya Dirsye: New voice

((Sickbay , USS Tiger-A))

::Upon arrival to her new ship USS Tiger –A, Tya received her codes and was set with quarters. When unpacked, Betazoid checked her PADD for orders. She had to report to Sickbay for medical and psychological evaluation and then report to Captain and XO. She put her new uniform on and when was ready went to Sickbay. She reported for evaluations and was waiting to be called when ship started to lose energy and tumble uncontrollably. Tya decided to forget the exams and when turned to leave Sickbay and go to Engineering something hit her and she fell on the floor. She saw the wall approaching too fast, but though she covered her head with her hands, the power of the hit was too hard and she lost consciousness.::

((several weeks before, Starbase 118))

::Tya returned to the apartment Roay hired for her to feel more comfortable before the final exam. The exam was more puzzling than hard and ended in the moment that may actually start being dangerous. She still didn’t know the results and because of that she was crawling slowly toward the apartment where she knew there will be lot of very important people from Betazed and who knows how many from Diplomatic corps of many other Federation planets.::

::When the doors opened it was obvious that she passed the exam. When everyone congratulated her, Roay took her to the bedroom and helped her take off her dirty uniform and sent her to the bathroom to take a shower. He was always doing that, helping her be that perfect and presentable woman, the Lady of Tenth house of Betazed. Why he still didn’t want to marry her. Yes, she was not ready same as he claimed he was not. But they were bonded and it’s something they had to do.::

::When she was done with a shower, Roay helped her to put on the dress... again he chose for her and again one that was perfect for her and for occasion. Then he walked her out among the guests where he was telling her who are people she should talk to. Then warned her it’s time for them to join her father and play for the guests, she on the violin, he on the cello and her father on piano. Later her father took her violin; her father was the only person in the galaxy she would ever allow to play on her violin and she moved to the piano to play and sing for guests.::

::Finally it was time for everyone to leave, last were her parents and The Grandmother. Roay helped her out of the dress and to bed.::

Dirsye: What now?

Te’Amal: Now we have sex, get some sleep and then I take you to the transport that will take you to Deep Space 17 to meet with USS Tiger-A.

Dirsye: What? ::Tya rose on her elbows.:: How do you know that?

Te’Amal: Knows what?

Dirsye: That I should meet with USS Tiger-A on Deep Space 17? Why I don’t know that before you? When will you start telling me things instead of doing everything for me?

Te’Amal: See, and then you ask why we decided to let you join Starfleet instead of keeping you at home? You ask why I don’t marry you, but when I do things for you you hate it.

Dirsye: Yes I hate it. What are your plans?

Te’Amal: I don’t know actually. I was just ordered by Academy of Betazed to gather my trusted crew and wait here on Starbase 118 for further orders. My team is ready and we will go when they tell us where. I follow orders and don’t ask questions. You Lady, you should get used to do the same.

Dirsye: Oh really? ::Tya was angry and she turned to the other side from him and covered with a sheet.::

Te’Amal: oOWell, no sex tonight, well, then sleep is in order.Oo ::He turned the lights off and they fell asleep. The next day he escorted her to her transport and since she was still angry at him they did that in silence.::

::Several days later on her way to Deep Space 17, Tya found out that her fiancée was lost with whole expedition in Betreka Nebula. Search and rescue expedition was sent, but till she left on a mission with USS Tiger-A, still was no news about the expedition. Tya tried to find out more about the expedition itself, but nobody she could get to knew anything about it.::

::Tya awoke into the dim light of the Tiger’s sickbay. Her back and left hand were hurting. She tried to move and after few attempts was sure that nothing was broken.::

Dirsye: Help. ::She was weak and was not sure did anyone herd her call.:: ~Help.~ ::She tried again.::

Riley: Hello...


Ensign Tya Dirsye Engineer USS Tiger-A

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Ensign Tya Dirsye: Title here