Diplomacy of Knives (Victory)

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Diplomacy of Knives
238310.15 - 238401.28

Mission Synopsis

  • They are boarded by Admiral Janice Decilla who is interviewed both Commander Diamond and Lt Cmdr Harden. She is upset at the way the missions under Captain Phoenix have gone and is pressing for a court martial proceeding.
  • The Victory is on it's way to Bajor to pick up diplomats and political prisoners, then set course for Cardassia. Commander Diamond is acting captain.
  • The Cardassians send Gul Marlok to represent them at the exchange. He is assigned by the Obsidian order (without the Detapa council's knowledge) to assasinate the Bajoran Ambassadors.
  • Initially Ambassador Marlok acts like a typical Cardassian diplomat with Ambassador Prevot of Bajor and Priestess S'Rah. Insults in the guise of compliments.
  • Gul Gurpin, one of the political prisoners attempts to escape, but it is thwarted by Starfleet security.
  • As that is happening, an unknown vessel appears on sensors and attempts to attack the Victory with a hit and run raid, fading away before they could give chase.
  • Before Gul Marlock can put his plan in to action, it turned out that Ambassador Prevot planned to the Cardassians in the name of all those they had slaughtered. A device is found in the Ambassador's room behind a wall panel that is allowing the alien ship that has re-appeared to make pin point attacks against the Victory.
  • As Gurpin is being escorted out of medical from his escape, he attempts to break free and is shot by Ambassador Marlock. Mr. Hughes, the Security officer, wants to arrest Marlock for murder.
  • In the end, Ambassador Prevot and Ambassador Marlock are arrested for both murder and attempted murder. Prevot committed suicide before he could be handed over and Marlock was returned to his people. The unknown vessel, believed to be a pirate in the pay of Prevot, is never seen again.
  • After completing their mission, they return to starbase 118 where Admiral Decilla is waiting for them. Captain Phoenix and Commander Diamond are escorted to her office to face her. She requested all of the Victory's sensor logs and hints of a possible temporal incursion. She reinstates Phoenix in full command.
  • A week later, Decilla's order is countermanded by starfleet Command. On 238403.31, Captain Phoenix is relieved and assigned to Starfleet medical pending treatment. Victory us assigned to Starbase 118.