Dion, Yiroth

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Yiroth Dion (or sometimes Di'on) is a Romulan diplomatic attaché to Starbase 118. Though he has a degree of diplomatic expertise, his main interests are free food, free drink, and alien women. Not necessary in that order.


Yiroth is slightly about average height for a romulan, with slim shoulders and a slender build. His hair never lies entirely flat. He has no particularly striking facial features, and errs only slightly on the side of attractiveness.


Yiroth is outgoing, personable, and, like many Romulans in this line of work, excessively arrogant. Within five minutes of meeting a member of the opposite sex, Yiroth has usually either ensured they will never speak to him again, sustained some kind of personal injury, or triggered a minor diplomatic incident. The only exception to this rule seems to be Romulan women, assumedly because they carry knives.


  • Likes:
    • Free food
    • Free drinks
    • Alien women, or perhaps more accurately, making alien women uncomfortable with his inappropriate attempts to ingratiate himself.
    • Displaying casual racism toward anyone who is not a member of the Romulan Star Empire.
  • Dislikes:
    • Having to pay for anything
    • Being slapped