Dilithium Digger (Constitution)

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Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer
Saveron First Officer
Cade Foster Mission Specialist
Vurdal HCO Officer
Lystra Security/Tactical Officer
Atan T'Seva Chief Tactical Officer
Ravenna Carter Medical Officer
Jacob Horne Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Sirn Engineering Officer
Lazarus Davis Assistant Chief Science Officer
Sarah Mason Intelligence Officer
Nugra Intelligence Officer
Away Team
Name Position Notes
T'Aven Pilot / Marine Played by Jalana Rajel
Sawyer Moore Security Officer Played by Ravenna Carter
T'Mar Intelligence Officer Played by Sarah Mason
So'Mior Science Officer (Geology) Played by Cade Foster
Imas Heeka OPS Officer Played by Lazarus Davis
Name Position Notes
TBA played by Jalana Rajel
Orin Dann Chief Mining Engineer - Dilithium Mine played by Saveron
TBA played by Lazarus Davis
TBA played by Cade Foster
TBA played by Ravenna Carter
TBA played by Sirn

Mission Brief

Rajel: "We will make a journey to the Shahar Nebula. This Nebula is even more further south from here at the south farthest edge of the Marchlands. Someone recorded some strange energy readings that we get to check out. The nebula also has some stellar nurseries and such. Shouldn't be too hard. Admiral Heraan has also instructed us to check in on a dilithium mine in the nebula, but I don't anticipate it taking much."

First Act

On the Constitution


After the Senior Staff is briefed about the new mission each department prepares for departure. They have 6 hours plus one more hour flight to the Shahar Nebula.

  • Science and Engineering prepare the Sensors and Engines to work better in the nebula that promises interferences. They work on optimizing an experimental build.
  • Medical prepares for possible casualties, you never know.
  • Tactical gets a complete Level IV diagnostics through Lystra.

After arrival

7 hours after the briefing the Constitution arrives at the Shahar Nebula. They head into the nebula and is in awe of its (filter created) beauty. The readings of the energy signatures are not the same as they had received during the briefing, so they plan to find out why as there could be a multitude of reasons.

On route to the Stellar Nursery the Conny sends their away team - consisting of T'Aven, Imas Heeka, Sawyer Moore, So'Mior and T'Mar - to the Dilithium mine to check on the decreased production. The Conny also calls the Mine to inform them of the team's soon to be arrival.

Scanners are picking up on random readings that could mean anything as the Nebula causes interferences on the sensors. Upon Cade Foster's repeated suggestion they send out a set of 4 probes, one in each direction, to boost sensors. After that boost Sciencce discovers a phenomenon that could be behind the fluctuating sensor readings: Pulsars.

  • The main view screen changed to show the hazy and interference-laden sensor data. At that distance, the nebula was almost like a dense, low-lands fog. And shining in that fog was what could only described as a rapidly spinning and orbiting series of lights. At first blush, it looked almost like a lighthouse beacon. "I think those are stars, orbiting each other at an incredible rate. That’s the source of our energy reading. It’s mind boggling. I can’t calculate the orbital period because we don’t know how many stars are in this… tempest. Whatever it is, it’s fast. Near relativistic speeds, I would think." ~ Lazarus Davis

There seems to be an issue with the experimental sensor array and it has to be turned off for 10 minutes to fix it.

The Away Team

T'Aven, Imas Heeka, Sawyer Moore, So'Mior and T'Mar head to the mine in a Type 11 Shuttle. Flight takes them 1.3 hours. On the way the team goes through the detail of their mission which is to do an inspection of the mine and the production.

The Mine

Someone is in the mine who makes things difficult for Orin Dann. When the Constitution calls that someone sends off one of her people to inform "the Boss" about the imminent Starfleet arrival.


Someone else notices that the Constitution is entering the Nebula, but for now only watches as they seem to be there for the Stellar Nursery.