Alana Devar/Telepathic Prowess

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  • Telepathic Rating: T4
  • Empathic Rating: E6

Alana can connect to any telepathic being and can be classified easily as a T6/E6, but since she grew up with such high training and developed extreme defenses, T4 is all she will allow. She has made no mention about being able to connect to anything other than two-lobed beings (either telepathically or empathically), but does receive wild vibrations that are indecipherable from other forms. Alana owns this to the 'clicking' of her telepathic mechanism that filters stray background emotions or thoughts.

Since Alana was born with the so called 'gift' of telepathy, she is more so gifted than other natural Betazoids. However, with the efforts and training to repress some of the strength and fierce telepathic chemicals since she was a child, Alana has learned to control her abilities better as an adult. Several mental barriers have been placed to help prevent her from loosing control.

Alana is also very intuitive and aware of the emotions around her. Sometimes she has difficulty in separating what her true feelings are from those of other beings in her company. It is because of this that she is often perceived as flirtatious, enamoring men and women alike.

It has yet to be seen that through her missions in the Federation if her abilities grow or merely sit idle. There have been occassions that when approaching a climatic stage or when things turn for the better or worse, a sort of clairvoyance and foreboding will occur. Other times, she has exhibited natures of having precognitive dreams. Alana will act strangely, receive headaches, meditate excessively or just feel out of place whenever these occassions arise, often leaving her confused and spiraling in self confliction.

See Psychological Profile for more information on how her abilities have affected her mentally, including the disorder BPP - Borderline Psionic Psychosis.