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Alana befriends many but only chooses very few close relationships. As a friend, she is warm, outgoing, nurturing and is a good listener. As a lover, she is intense, emotional and passionate. Alana the Federation Officer is committed, intelligent, understanding and works well in teams or on her own. The relationship with her co-workers is professional yet calm, never creating uneasiness with her subordinates. Her biggest role, however, is that of mother. Priding herself as naturally maternal, her children are the most important part of her life. She is the most loyal to them surpassing any other commitments.

Notable Friendships

Idril Mar

Alana and Idril were friends right off the bat, back when they were posted to the same ship (USS Independence) as junior officers. Idril, an Engineering officer, offered to chat to the then counselor after Alana witnessed a kiss between a Vulcan woman and Horne Makra (her flame at the time) in the Science Lab and it started from there. They have since engaged in a genuine and exclusive friendship that has stood the test of time, distance and obstacles. They consider themselves almost like sisters, especially now since Alana is romantically involved with Idril’s twin brother, Halla.


The families of these two women have been associated for generations upon generations on Betazed. Alana considers T’Lara a soul sister and they have exchanged tokens of their bondship (a ring from T’Lara’s grandmother and a necklace from Alana’s mother). The two share a common interest in perserving Betazoid culture and history.

Other Friendships & Relations

  • Danny Wilde: Data Loading.
  • Caleb Zaahn: Alana met Caleb briefly at the Vulcan Science Academy when she was a teenager. She sat in on a conference that was orchestrated by his mother. Afterwards, he asked her, "How did you enjoy the conference?" They were stationed years later on the USS Phoenix-C, where he admitted that he had a crush on her for months afterwards.
  • More to Come.

Romantic Interests

See psychological profile for information on how these relationships have impacted her mentally.


Relationship lasting 2372-2373
This Vulcan was Alana's genetic bondmate, given upon the grace and encouragement of both Vulcan and Betazoid families. Her dedication, devotion and near marriage to him came in her later teen years, near the time her family headed towards the Neutral Zone for diplomatic affairs that ended tragically. Shortly after, Savek ended the relationship with Devar. Alana was with child at the time. Savek graduated the Science Academy in pursuit of Starfleet for more logical things; he felt unsatisfactory in his bondage to a Betazoid female. A grieving Alana would later miscarry due to profound sadness and medical ailments.

Savek is now married with children by a Vulcan woman named T'Panu. Savek is Tarin's (Alana's Mentor and Teacher) son.

Although they parted not on the best of terms, Alana never mentions Savek. The only individual that knows, beyond Tarin, would be Horne Makra. It is not a subject she cares to discuss.

Horne Dar Makra

Relationship lasting 2379-2381
Makra (a Bajoran and Klingon hybrid) and Alana met in the Academy during their first year. Even though they both had trouble adjusting socially, they found friendship in one another and another classmate, Makal Kora. Shortly after being posted to the same ship, Alana and Makra's relationship gradually became a more romantic one and was professed as such during their trip together on Bajor.

They shared numerous passionate encounters that was a lot more than just physical: but love for Alana. She had held an attraction for him for several years, but would not admit it fearing the incident with Savek might repeat itself. Enduring many trials (ie: Serpentai Mission, his family's death, her state of mind, et cetera), and after the wedding engagement of the two, Makra left to find a peace in himself at Qo'nos.

Having just confronted the testimonies of the true whereabouts and death of her family, Alana recoiled and slumped back into Vulcan mode where she ignored any connection with him. As time passed, Alana noted the error of her ways and sought help with Counselor T'Anya Rea, who was able to assist in melding both sides of Alana together into one. For a time she felt lost from him, and for a time he returned to her though their reunion was short lived. Having told him that she was to be his First Officer upon the transference of the Wallace, the two grew further apart. She used the term Imzadi in reference to Horne Makra, as he was the first to accept who she was and took her in full body and spirit.

Their relationship has since simmered down, with both individuals moving on with their lives, but he will always hold a special place in her heart for her first actual love.

Jalek Trollin

Relationship encounter in 2381
The relationship with Jalek is more or less a bond based on trust, understanding and friendship. It started with Alana wanting to help Jalek in understanding his gifts of empathy. In their discovery and longing for acceptance in many avenues of life, the two had one night together. Alana was confused and still riddled with heartache after the departure of Horne Makra and Jalek had his issues to deal with as well. They were there for each other for that one night. Jalek and Alana still remain friends, but nothing more than that.

Daydan Taboo

Relationship encounter in 2381
The two have a love/hate relationship that feeds off of rivalry in scientific studies. Although Alana has never pursued Daydan romantically, their heated bouts often resembled a type of Betazoid flirting. Despite her reservations, Alana respects Daydan and, even if she denies it, is attracted to him.

Halla Culemerwin

Relationship lasting 2381-Present
Alana met this handsome Trill during a trip to Betazed in 2381. They shared hearty conversations, dinner and walk under the blanket of stars. It was revealed later in the year, during a trip to Trill where she participated in her best friend’s Zhian'tara, that the man was the slightly older twin brother of Idril Mar. After getting past the initial shock and coincidence, Halla and Alana gave in to their mutual attraction.

He is the father of Alana's child, Keiran, which was the product of that spur of the moment tryst. Halla, known as a notorious playboy, was an instrumental figure and mainstay for her and the child. This changed Alana’s preconceived notions of men, which slowly turned her opinions around (see Psychological Profile for more information).

The pair moved in together, creating a married-type life after working out their relationship's kinks. It was a somewhat hard road for them at first, but, over time, their relationship evolved beyond physical attraction into one based on emotional connection as well. A daughter would follow years later, proving the relationship more than an affair but love for both. A commitment ceremony will be held on the Estates of the 13th House and, even though no date has been set, she is serious enough to carry his surname.