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Alana Devar is an interesting case. How do you psychoanalyze a former counselor? We'll start from the beginning.

Being born with her gifts, Alana spent the better part of her childhood confined and held back in mental facilities. She was only socialized with the doctors, nurses and family that would visit her. She really didn't have any friends, per se, until she reached the Starfleet Academy and even then things were aggravated. Even though she involved herself academically at the Vulcan Science Academy, especially after her family's premature passing, Alana never really had the decent skills to make friends or at least try to. This would certainly be consistent with her mild case of social anxiety disorder, and self confidence issues. Social Anxiety Disorder consists of a fear in social situations. Although Alana has grown in many ways, her shyness in some areas can be attributed to her isolated upbringing.

There are also the varieties of men that have entered her life. Though she enamors many, Alana herself is sometimes unaware of the spell she casts over the eyes and hearts of those men and/or women. A smile here, a whisper there. Though she wasn't always as casual and forthcoming with her feelings, sometimes her immaculate gifts warp her perception. This is common amid the Betazoid people, especially for those with Alana's birth criteria.

Borderline Psionic Psychosis, or BPP, affect Betazoids who were born with their telepathic gifts. Having the training as she did as a child numbed some the effects that would transcend into her adult life. Other Betazoids are not so fortunate, having the condition so severely that it would leave their judgment of reality and themselves as an individual impaired.

Generally, BPP can be classified in phases - acute (or psychotic), catatonic (excitable, paranoia), disorganized (mixed, with a cluster of symptoms that do not inhibit the somewhat organization of oneself), or residual (mild, no signs of symptoms if otherwise slight). The phases work differently in every Betazoid affected. Acute patients tend to make their lives in the University of Betazed, unable to screen out the emotions and thoughts of those around them. Sometimes the condition in acute cases can lead to insanity, other mental illnesses and in extreme cases, suicide.

Alana, however, has the residual version, able to control it with barriers within her psyche. Sometimes wavelengths will break through those barriers, making Alana confused on what her emotions and true thoughts are. This is easily controllable through medication (though these 'dull' the senses to the degree to which Betazoids would be uncomfortable with) and/or psionic inhibitors. The experience with the Serpentai left some weaknesses, but Alana is overall strong despite the trials and tribulations she endured.

Alana Devar is also in love with being in love. She finds solace in that feeling and craves it to cover the tracks of her past. However, in that airy feeling, there are doors of illusion that open, projecting vast importance on others and expecting things they may never be able to give. Having her father in her life, but very seldom would he come to visit his sick daughter because of his career as an Ambassador. There are rejection issues at an early age from the male gender. This only amplified when Alana discovered that her father had a torrid affair with a Terran, Wilma Rogers, which resulted in the birth of her half sister, Carmen. Wilma was one of Devyn's Administrative Assistant to Operations.

Though she does not openly hold disgust to her father's actions, she does feel them inside. She also feels the pain of her family torn from her. The rejection issues only soared higher when her genetic bond-mate, Savek, snubbed her for a life of logic, science and Star Fleet. Having been told that her love for him wasn't logical, nor were a Vulcan and Betazoid compatible, burned a hole straight through Alana. This, in turn, birthed a deep-seeded fixation on love. Her father forsakes her mother, and the man she was to marry forsakes her father's daughter.

Later, one of her only friends from the Academy, Horne Dar Makra, becomes a romantic interest. Courtship followed, as did an engagement. The tides shifted, and they are no more. This, too, froze inside the woman. Even though it is in opinion of this writer's that Alana can perceive herself to be confident, all together woman in her mid-twenties, she is really a scared girl inside. Her reactions to Horne's department were on a whim, selfish. Having broke the connection of love being in love, Alana didn't stop to realize that his intentions were not to harm her but to discover himself. Hence, the deep seeds that are rooted into her personality.

Alana fears rejection, swimming in her insecurities. She fears that the love in her life will be the same as her father, who only paid attention when something dramatic happened. There is an emphasis of melodrama in Alana's life that she may sometimes instigate to catch other's attention. Sometimes she will turn her focus on the physical pleasures of love (Sex Addiction), serving as a stress coping mechanism for the unfortunate moments of love in her life. It is to fulfill the fantasy that she is in love.

Alana is also known to be caught in the middle of personas: from her passionate Betazoid heritage, to the stoic and calculating Vulcan upbringing. Though she was born Betazoid, most of her life she had Vulcans around her. Testing on her abilities, teaching her before she entered Star Fleet. When something pushes her Betazoid blood and it doesn't feel nice, she reverts into the cold Vulcan mode. It is her way of dealing with it, though it is not always healthy. Alana doesn't allow herself to experience things in a natural, healthy manner. For being a telepath and empath, she shields herself sometimes of the truth.

There was breakthrough with Counselor Tanya Rea (in 2381), enabling Alana to have a perfect harmony between the two. Though either one can show dominance at any given time, and something so integrated in the woman couldn't be completely cured just like that, it was a major stepping stone. Since, Alana has reacted and lived life a bit more... calmly.

List of Conditions

  • Social Anxiety Disorder - Mild and Controllable without Medication Therapy
  • Sex Addiction - Under control
  • Borderline Psionic Psychosis - Residual

List of Therapies

As a doctor herself, Alana is always hesitant in pursuing treatments. She is the kind of person that takes care of others before herself. To help alleviate the stress in her life, the Betazoid is on a daily Yoga routine. No medication therapy has been prescribed.

She must continue to practice her mental barrier therapy to keep the strength within to filter other's thoughts and emotions from melding with her own. This therapy must be strictly adhered as a daily routine.

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The general well-being for Alana is good, though she may have lapses during the natural events of life. There is no need to have her counseled on a daily basis, though quarterly or monthly sessions might help just so she can get things off her chest.

After the birth of her children and a constant male figure in her life, Alana has made tremendous progress and has defined herself as a leader and mothering figure. Her decision to take leave from Starfleet in 238403 was not without intense consideration. As a senior officer, she had high demands and expectations. Couple that with witnessing what life in Starfleet had to offer to families, Alana decided with a heavy heart to part ways to bond with her children and partner, Halla Culemerwin (the only male that seemed to never leave her in the dust). She wants only the best for her family and, maybe someday, rejoin the Fleet that granted her so many opportunities.

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