Denali Station/Strategic Operations

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Denali Station's Strategic Operations Center is located directly below the Operations Center in Anchorage Tower. Still in development, most of the area is vacant, and waiting to be built out. A secured set of stairs runs from the center up to the Operations center to allow easy, but secured access in the case of an emergency.


Currently the Strategic Operations center is crewed by a staff of three, the station's Chief of Strategic Operations, currently Lieutenant Commander Kiran Han, and two enlisted analysts.


Located on the ninth floor of Anchorage Tower, the strategic operations center takes up most of the floor, or at least it will. Currently the space consists of an office for the Chief of Strategic Ops, and an open area with a number of workstations for analysts and logistics crew. While the department is still being brought online over time, the initial mission for the department is establishing a full strategic layout of the Aavaro Wilds, with a focus on the main powers, including the various pirate groups.

Future Plans

As staffing resources increase there are plans in place to add dedicated communications monitoring, logistics support, and other functions.