Denali Station/Security/Tactical Department

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Denali Station is Starfleet’s first permanent base in the Aavaro Wilds. As the Wilds are located outside Federation space, the Station is responsible for its own defense network. For more information, visit the technical overview page.

The Security and Tactical departments are located on the second (designated “Lower Level”) and third floor (designated “Upper Level”).

Upper Level

Upper Level
Upper Operations Center

Soldotna's 3rd floor is surrounded on all sides by windows. It can be accessed by elevators or stairs. There is a replimat as well as a restroom. Workstations are scattered throughout the Upper Level. The Chief’s office is located on the eastside with a conference room nearby. Between the elevators and the Chief’s office is an alien installation, its purpose still unknown.

The conference room (6) within the Security/Tactical department offers a distinctive layout and functionality. The room's centerpiece is a conference table with a subtle bend, mirroring the curvature of the Soldotna building. Transparent walls border the shorter sides of the room, each equipped with sliding doors. On the longer sides, one wall presents expansive glass windows that provide an overlook onto the Central Plaza. Opposite to this, the neighboring wall serves a dual purpose; it separates the Conference Room from the Restroom (8) while showcasing a sizeable screen integrated with an LCARS interface. Importantly, the room's design ensures security and confidentiality, as one is able to darken the transparent walls and windows to safeguard classified information during confidential discussions.

Lower Level

The Lower Level of the Security and Tactical Department houses the following:

  • Armory
  • Phaser Ranger
  • Holding cells (10)
  • Replimat
  • Gym
  • Changing rooms/Showers/Toilets