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Denali Station mini icon.png       "We convince by our presence."
- Walt Whitman

Districts and 'Neighborhoods'

Central Administrative District

This area has wider streets with more gentle curves than most of the city. The buildings here tend to be larger, brighter, and more polished, as if better maintained and inhabited by official personnel. The entire area covers several square blocks, the buildings tend to have raised, covered walkways between buildings to facilitate travel.

Building heights in this district tend to be in the 10-15 story range clustered around a single 16-story building at the center housing, at least initially, the Command Staff, and most of the other Starfleet Departments.

Skunk Works

This building is a warehouse taken over by the Fleet Captain as part hanger, part workshop, part storage, and used for the development of projects that would not fit aboard a starship.

Power, Utilities, and other services seem to - mostly - be routed through buildings in this area.
Consulates and the facilities to be manned by other galactic powers will tend to be concentrated in this area.


Near, but not in the Central Admin District, this area is small at only 2-3 square blocks, mostly what seem to be older buildings, smaller and would be appropriate for shops, stalls, and other types of leisure activities and trading establishments.

a gaming and entertainment establishment owned by Leyisa Yhanne
Astra Aura
day spa, run by Krel, formerly of Lightside Station, with services ranging from massage to nails and some tattoo work.

The Shipping District

Similar to old-fashioned docks on the intersection of the river and the ‘ocean’, there are facilities that seem to have been designed for both watercraft and spacecraft, as well as natural warehouses.

Residential Parks

This area contains mostly Apartment Complexes interspersed with Parks, small lakes, and other leisure activities.

Research Center

The Research Station that was recently discovered by the crews of the USS Grace Hopper and the USS Juneau, set on the lakeside at the far end of the city and is ideal for the eventual housing of the crew’s science center.

Denali seems to have been designed for a population of around 2.2 Million people, covering an area around 55 square kilometers - this is roughly the density of 21st Century Hong Kong.

These are sections that have noted so far by people currently setting in on the Station, and will expand as more things are discovered over time.

The Ocean

The shore of the "ocean" is located on Denali Station’s spinward, or Eastern side. Extremely close to the Shipping District, near the river and nearby docks. The overall makeup of the beach itself is comparable to something between a temperate, coastal beach, or a cooler subtropical beach (think similar to beaches on the Oregon Coast, mostly). Its waters are naturally colder, and the area is a bit rockier. So it’s not like a tropical beach that you would typically want to swim in all the time. However, it is possible, even semi-pleasant, to swim in during extra warm days. You just have to be aware of the weather, your limits for how cold you're willing to swim, and to be sure to have things to warm up with after.

But more often than not, it’s a lot better for taking thoughtful walks in the sand and the waves, or finding very odd tide pools, and possibly extra mysterious shipwrecks. You can also build sand castles, as it is a beach with sand, and have very cool nighttime bonfires that help you find yourself.


Obviously meant for shipping - by air, sea, and space travel and is being refurbished and revitalized by the Starfleet crew for those purposes again - this area is full of warehouses, docks, and other ancillary buildings to support the shipping of materials, the landing of craft, processing of customs and related activities.

A majority of craft - Starfleet and more - come in through this area.