Denali Station/Current Development

Denali Station mini icon.png       "We convince by our presence."
- Walt Whitman


Fleet Captain Oddas Aria (talk)
Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt (talk)

As Starfleet officers and other Federation Civilians move into Denali Station they are greeted with amazing wonders - tall buildings, machines of unknown origins, underground structures and complexes, parks offering recreational areas (if they can get the grass mowed), and more. And while the city itself offers the crew and their families plenty to do, they may be struck by the lack of certain amenities - at least to start.

Power and Habitation

As of Stardate 239905 the bulk of the city remains unpowered, with only the three main buildings of Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Soldotna constantly powered and inhabited. A fourth building, the Research Station is powered as necessary as experiments are run and science staff requires the expenditure of power. Though, as of 239909.23 there is also power to two slightly smaller buildings that house diplomats and visitors from Cardassia, and Mitandar (home of the Mithgiln)

Personal replicators in apartments are still a work in progress, but in recent months it has been becoming more accessible to get them installed and a decent number of the crew has them. But Denali is still somewhat lacking in luxury in many quarters unless specifically requested. There are a lot of rooms to still install them in, and save for a select few cases, it's not a top priority as there's still much work to be done on the Station to get it to a more functional space. This lack of personal replicators pushes crew and civilians alike toward the replimats for meals and in-between meal socialization. Over time, this will change as the crew and the SCE improves the overall facilities.

Luxuries from Home

In general, enough time has passed that crew members have easier access to get things from home that they'd like in their apartments, but those apartments and rooms are large and spacious, some have even been found big enough to have two floors, so it still takes a bit of planning for the transport of bigger pieces of furniture like personal sofas, desks, or other such pieces into those spaces, realistically.


There are shuttle landing areas in a small corner of the plaza surrounding the three main administrative buildings, and also some in progress near the docks and shipping area that is currently in the process of being explored and sorted out.

Holodecks and Related Technology

There is not much in the way of holodeck, holosuites, EMHs, or other holographic technology on the Station. Recently Club Möbius installed two holosuites, but they are not free to use and are obviously in very limited supply. It's a business. If needed, these technologies are available aboard the Station's support vessel the USS Eagle. Otherwise, things are still a big work in progress to get things like that installed.