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CO's Office

The CO's Office on Denali Station is located in Anchorage, part of the Administrative District. On the 15th floor it is actually part of a larger suite of rooms, consisting of space for 4 assistants, a conference room, a washroom, and a small break room. The larger space on the lower floor (15th floor) has been taken for the actual main office area, with the conference room and other auxiliary rooms on the upper floor (16th floor).

To enter the main office, you must pass through one of the assistants, an arrangement the current CO, Fleet Captain Oddas Aria is still chaffing at. The main office is currently laid out with a desk, workstation and other materials for her day-to-day work. A replicator is nearby to satisfy her regular need for coffee.

Entering the room, the visitor is greeted by a floor to ceiling view of the city via largely unobstructed windows dominating the opposite wall.

Near the center of the room is a seating area with a low table and a couch, suitable for impromptu meetings with officers and others.

Various objects from Aria's career adorn the wall, including models of the USS Thunder-A, the USS Eagle, the Nova Aster, art-work from Bajor and the Alaska region of earth and more, all scattered among models of engines and others. Opposite the windows is the large scale model of Ring 42, approximately 2m wide, rotating slowly keeping the City of Denali's position to Dialran correct.

The room has access to the outside balcony, which can be enclosed or opened fully to the elements at the wish of the occupants.