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Denali Manual

Types of Characters

These are the types of Characters you will be able to play and interact with on Denali Station:

Player Characters

Your Player Character is written for by you and only you. It is your main persona used to participate in missions and interactions on the ship. All Player Characters are considered members of Senior Staff regardless of rank or position.


Non-Player Characters are minor characters that have no assigned writer. NPCs are characters meant for simple interactions. People you cross path in simple ways, a moment of conversation in a turbolift, a server in the lounge, etc. Those people can be written for by everyone.


Personal Non-Player Characters are minor characters that are written by a single writer on the ship or installation. PNPCs are not considered members of Senior Staff. PNPCs are a fun way to explore other duty posts and other parts of the crew structure in the ship.

  • Creation of PNPCs is governed by the Captain and XO. A small description and bio should be sent to them in order to be allowed to write as the PNPC.
  • Also note that multiple PNPCs of a single writer may not exist in a single department.
  • These restrictions generally apply to characters who serve on the ship and not family members, or other minor characters needed beyond those that serve on the ship.


Mission-Specific Personal Non-Player Characters are a special type of PNPC that is assigned to a specific person for at least a single mission. They can be helpful guest stars or the Antagonists of the mission.

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