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Denali Manual

Tone of Posting

Denali Station is aiming for a certain style and standard of story, posting, and method of play. While we are trying to maintain these standards in the way we play write our stories, missions, and overall tone, we will make exceptions - we expect them to be discussed beforehand, and planned out so the staff and officers can maintain a clear overarching vision.

Denali is a place where the crew, a Starfleet crew, is attempting to establish a new Starbase in previously occupied territory. Part of this establishment is maintaining morals and codes consistent with Starfleet and the Federation. They are setting an example to a region that is used to Cardassian rule, a previously authoritarian rule that was brutal, if a little absent.

The city of Denali was built by unknown Builders, who likely also built Ring 42 itself. While the Crew doesn’t know much about them, and limited artifacts have been found, what has been found does not point to malevolence on their point.

Storylines and Tone aboard Denali should focus toward allowing, and assuming main characters are Consummate Professionals. Think about the The Next Generation series, with Deep Space Nine overtones due to our setting. Our characters should be professionals, good at their jobs, and come to work willing and ready to do them at the best of their abilities.

On the other side, our characters should not be good at everything and able to do everything and have knowledge in every field. We see this on screen, and it makes our play more realistic, with higher stakes, and allow us to develop our characters more thoroughly. This also allows all of our characters to embrace the Consummate Professional tone.

Story-wise, the City, while it is likely to experience some stories of attack, sabotage, and general explodey things, the City - largely unexplored - rests on a Ring that is 99% unexplored, in a region that is largely unexplored with Federation-wide political ramifications, and a population that is growing all the time. Many stories will center on exploration, filling out the ‘world’ the crew lives in, and growing out the mythology of the setting. The intent is not to stifle creativity, quite the opposite! We want to foster your creativity, stories, and writing, but want to make sure everyone has fun in the same framework that makes Denali Station what it is.

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