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Denali Manual


The following are the guidelines Denali Station uses when considering a player for a promotion. These guidelines are in place to make sure all players know some of the minimums the Denali Station Commanding Officer, and the rest of the Command Staff, use when evaluating a player for a promotion. Other things may come into play, such as reliability, attitude, and other less quantitative traits. If you have any questions about the guidelines or your own promotion path please do not hesitate to contact your mentor, the XO, or the Commanding Officer.

Remember, to qualify for promotion a player must be simming fulltime.

Ensign to Lieutenant JG

  • Does the player sim well and in the correct format?
  • Have they adapted to their ship?
  • Has the player completed a mission, from beginning to end, aboard the Juneau?
  • Reviewed the Lieutenant JG requirements.

Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant

  • Does the player sim reliably (full time and answer in a way other players can rely on)?
  • Does the player work to push the plot forward?
  • Does the player work to develop their character?
  • Reviewed the Lieutenant requirements.

Lieutenant to Lt. Commander

  • Is the player working to help include other players in character?
  • Is the player working to include new players in their sims?
  • Has the player demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice their player's self-interest for another character's?
  • Has the player inquired or jumped into OOC activities that benefit the ship?
  • Reviewed the Lt. Commander requirements.

Lt. Commander to Commander

The process to move from Lt. Commander to Commander is a fleet-wide process which involves a number of steps, including a practical, written exam, and other requirements. If you wish to make this move the first step is to let your Commanding Officer know.

The rank of Commander is one of staff for the group and as such your Commanding Officer will expect to see a history of OOC work on behalf of the ship and group, without those the rank of Commander will be unobtainable. For those serious about the rank of Commander this requirement should not be an issue.

REV SD 239904.27