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Denali Manual

General Tips

These are some tips the Senior staff have put together, things that may or may not fit anywhere else, but we've found useful as you progress through the game.

  • The best way to improve at simming is to sim.
    • Involve/Interact with others when you sim.
    • Even if you aren't sure how to progress a scene, a short addition to someone else's sim will really help you get into the mode of simming, and improve the process all around.
  • Remember once an idea is simmed, it can go in many directions. It may or may not go as you planned.
  • If an error is made, always try to fix it in sim. It is extremely rare for the CO to rescind a sim. Think creatively and fix issues in the sim.
  • Do not sim for others. You may move a character if it is logical he or she would follow the orders a superior officer has given, but do not provide dialogue or sim for that character beyond a logical assumption that they would follow orders. You can also do joint sims by using chat software, or exchanging emails. Command decisions should always be RESPONSE
  • Avoid Meta-simming; there may be times when the player knows exactly what is going on, but the character remains ignorant. Mysteries are often spoiled by Meta-simming.
  • Be gentle with one and other. Everyone can have an off day, or miss something. Ultimately, this is a friendly game.
  • Expect consequences for IC actions. If someone phasers an innocent bystander, expect to be hauled up on charges. As a CO, I believe highly that IC actions have IC consequences. Think about the consequences of your actions before you sim.
  • IC can bleed into OOC. Be careful when simming confrontations between characters. Often such sims should be proceeded by an OOC discussion that specifies what will happen, and how to resolve the confrontation.

    (For Example: If your character is intolerant of non-humanoid species, be sure to email another simmer OOC and assure him or her that your problem wasn't with them, but rather was simply an IC trait you are exploring.)

    If you need to sim any type of difference of opinions, be it an internal hatred of anyone to fisticuffs in the mess hall, use your OOC judgment and contact the people involved, as well as your command staff. Always CC these types of OOC's to the command staff.

  • Ultimately Simming is not about what you do, but how you do it.

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