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Denali Station Officer's Manual


Federation Spacestation

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the Denali Station simming group, part of the larger UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet. Denali Station was founded in May 2022 (stardate 239905).

This manual is designed for both experienced and new players assigned to Denali Station, new to the group, new to the fleet, or players who might have a question about something they thought they learned some time ago. It is the staff's sincere hope that you will find everything you will need to be happy, successful, and productive here on Denali Station in these pages. That said, if you find something unclear or are just unsure, please do not hesitate to contact the CO, the XO, or your Department Head.

Table of Contents

Section A - the Basics

How to be successful on Denali Station
How to format your sims for Denali Station
A different kind of sim for character development
Some general tips for being successful on Denali Station.
The types of characters you will encounter on Denali Station.

Section B - the Posting

All you want to know about the Station, and then some
Recently of the Cardassian Union, now our home.
Who's on the crew, have you added your character?

Section C - Operating Procedures

Some things to keep in mind on missions.
Downtime, there's downtime?
Want to help guide Denali Station through a mission?

Section D - Advanced Topics

How do I get promoted?
I'd like to place a secondary character on Denali Station, now what?
I finally made Department Head, now what?
We always need good mentors, what do they do?
What kind of OOC Activities does the ship need help with?

REV SD 239912.04