Demes II

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Demes II.jpg
Demes II
Stellar Cartography
Region Borderlands
Sector Yakara Sector
System Demes System
Sun(s) Demes A
Moon(s) 1 (Demes Beta II)
Eccentricity 0
Class M
Diameter 13,854km
Atmosphere Oxygen/Nitrogren/Hydrogen Mix
Hydrosphere 83%
Climate Arctic
Gravity 0.9g
Primary terrain lowlands / mountains
Points of interest Anthropological Research
Length of Day 19hr
Length of Year 285 days
Native species Demesian.
Other species Various flora and fauna
Official Language Demesian
Population 350 million
Technological Classification C
Major cities Lakonna (Northern Peninsula)
Imports None
Exports None
Affiliation Neutral
Government Territorial governments, no unified world government.

Demes II is the inhabited second planet in the Demes star system. It is the homeworld of the Demesians, a pre-warp civilisation with a technology level similar to that pre-Industrial Revolution humans. It was close enough to Federation and Klingon space to pose a strategic risk should the rapid technological progress discovered in the 2390s continue without intervention. The planet was visited twice by Starfleet officers, the last of which were crew members from the USS Excalibur-A

Native Species

Talos Dakora disguised as a Demesian in 2399.

The predominant species on Demes II were the Demesians, a pre-warp society of approximately 350 million. This civilisation were believed to possess a C classification on the planetary development scale, but by 2399 had begun to show rapid technological progress which led to debate within the Federation Anthropology Council as to whether they should receive a D classification (pre-industrialisation).

Demesians were blue-skinned humanoids with cranial ridges that bisected their forehead and featured hair colours that were a-typical to many species within the Federation. Their diet was considered to be extremely unpleasant to most other species with delicacies including ‘grain drippings’ and a form of tea that apparently smelled like sweaty human feet.

The species showed an apparently innate aptitude for reverse engineering advanced technology. By 2399 they possessed a rudimentary replicator in the capital city and some Demesians were also able to manipulate an environmental regulator near the town of Jupe to create a thick and impenetrable fog. Other technology used by the Demesians around this time were soil reclamators.

Demesians worshipped a mythological deity known as ‘The Ember’ and willingly branded themselves with embers to prove their devotion. Following this religion appeared to be compulsory for all Demesians, with a Religious Police force to ensure that the tenants of the faith were followed meticulously and punishments were severe for those caught transgressing.

Geography & Climate

The Northern Peninsula

Demes II was a Class M planet with an atmospheric composition similar to that of many worlds across the Federation, meaning that breathing apparatus was not required when beaming down. By the mid 2380s, the planet was experiencing a global ice age that was expected to last approximately five centuries.

While there were several continents on Demes II, research conducted by the Federation Anthropological Council centered on a peninsula in the Northern Hemisphere, which was becoming the centre of technological progress. It’s capital city was Lakonna with further important settlements being an agricultural village, Yanthi, and a new port town called Jupe.

Starfleet Involvement

The planet was first charted by the crew of the USS Rampart in 2385, under the command of Captain Ambrious Corvus Regillensis. Unknown to Starfleet at the time, Regillensis authorised the creation of subterranean listening outpost with the intent on monitoring elements within the Romulan Star Empire. The outpost was located near Jupe, which at this time was an unimportant fishing village. This was in direct violation of the Prime Directive and various treaties with the Star Empire. The listening outpost was rendered inoperative after a series of earth tremors and Regillensis abandoned it and covered up its existence, leaving two members of the crew on the surface.

The listening post’s existence was eventually revealed in 2399 by the crew of the USS Excalibur who had been sent to Demes II by the now Admiral Regillensis ostensibly to investigate anomalous technological developments amongst the native population. In reality, Regillensis was seeking retribution for the death of his son during the incident at Rinascita Station and sent to the senior staff on an extended assignment as punishment. A seafaring criminal had discovered the listening outpost and had begun disseminating the technology within across the Northern Peninsula.

After returning to the USS Excalibur, it was decided that Starfleet technology could not be allowed to remain on Demes II for fears of further cultural contamination. Almost overnight every piece of technology foreign to the planet was beamed aboard the Excalibur- although there were some concerns that the damage had already been done and there were calls for the Federation to make first contact with the Demesians, despite their pre-warp status. Admiral Ambrious Regillensis was arrested for his part in the scheme and stripped of his commission. As of June 2399, he is awaiting trial.