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Four Letter Code DELO
Federation Status Prospective
Planet of Origin Delorea, Beta Quadrant
Encountered USS Metropolitan
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N-
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The Deloreans (or Delorians) are a deeply religious, reptilian species native to the planet Delorea in the Alpha Quadrant. The Deloreans have recently achieved warp drive, and first contact was initated. In following years since First Contact the planet has, in an effort to makes itseld fit for Federation Membership, attempting a unification of the whole culture.


The Deloreans are a biped reptilian species. The males are 2 meters to 2.5 meters and significantly stronger than an average terran male. The females are roughly the size of Terran males, and about as strong as Terran males as well.

There are 23 distinct species of Deloreans. Each distinctive by color, markings and snout size.


Not much of Delorean history is known that is not steeped in Religion and lore. However, what can be surmised is that sometime in the past The Delorean culture evolved from a single species to 23 seperate species, giving rise to the 23 houses of Delorea.

Each house has a traditional role in society, such as government and religion, the two strongest houses.

Additionally, each house is made up of several clans or tribes and not unheard of for a house to collapse into civil war.

First Contact

On stardate 237505.14 the USS Metropolitan commanded by Captain Donn Seaver, detected a warp signature from area designated 34432.23 on Federation star maps.

Captain Seaver, following first contact protocals, intiated contact a week later with the central government. Captain Seaver, along with his Chief of Security and Chief Science Officer, beamed down to the planet and met then High Theocrat, Great Leader Messi'th, Head of House Kra'rul.

There was several weeks of cultral exchange, but even at the time Captain Seaver noted the tension of Religious Fundmentalism and Social Progressives. Messi'th Kra'rul soon withdrew all exchanges with the Federation, which was possible his last act before being assinated.

There is evidence that because of First Contact, that House Kra'rul was soon overthrown for a more progressive government, that resumed talks via subspace with the Federation.

Recent History

Delorea has become stragetically important in the last seven years because it's proximity to Romulan space. It has prompted The Federation to invite Delorea into the Federation, and has placed them on the fast track to membership. On stardate 238209.22, the USS Columbia was dispatched to offer the Delorean Government Federation membership.


Traditionally a theocracy. The government had been lead by one person, one who satisfied in both religion and leadship capabilites and serves as high preist, Millitary Commander, and sole head of the government. the Title of this person is "The Great Leader". The title had been held for life, and The Great Leader though to be second only to the Gods.

It was not until First Contact, that the Government has seeked to divoce it self from religion formally, and become a pure Representive democracy. They drafted a new constitution, much to the chagrin of the reigning religious class, which threatened civil war. In in effort to appease traditionlist, the new government gave the religous sect a majority say in the daily operations of Government.

There is still a small segment of society that believe the more traditional ways of the Delorean government is the right way, and starting to resort to extrodinary ways to achieve the desired results


The Great Leader is elected by representives of the 23 houses, who are in turn elected by representives of the clans.

Religion and Spirituality


Culture and Society


Holidays and Festivals

Food and Beverages

The Delorean are a race of meat eaters. Perferring to eat meat raw or even more peferrably, alive, the diet of the Deloreans is not fit for consumption by most outside races. The Romulians may be one exception.

Since achieving warp drive, the Deloreans may have widened their pallet to include other sentient races, most notably, Feringis.