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Previous Assignments

Command Reviews

Della's performance reviews during her time at the Academy were generally good, though mention was made now and then of her tendency to spread herself a bit thin, causing her primary studies to suffer a little.

  • "In the short time I have known the Counselor, I have seen all good things from her. Her dedication and contributions remind me of myself. I know this Joined Trill is going places in the fleet, and I am very proud and honored to give her the rank of Lt. jg." - Commander Cura Assanti, USS Indria-A, Stardate 238508.31
  • "For her willingness to do above and beyond what is necessary in her duties, she is hereby awarded the Neelix Award. Indeed, the flair with which she's taken on extra duties both on the Indria and on a fleetwide level is an example to us all." - Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh, Stardate 238601.28

Disciplinary Log

238603.09 - Relieved of duty on own recommendation after inflicting a telempathic assault on Lt. Cmdr. Zubowskivich. The charges she posted against herself were subsequently dropped when Lt. Cmdr. Zubowskivich refused to ratify them.

Medical Records

Apart from the expected bumps and scrapes, Della has so far avoided any significant injury or illness, except as noted below.

Doctor's Assessment

"Exercises, eats okay, and doesn't tend to do stupid things that'll result in injury. Patient is in fine physical condition, and apart from possible a mild case of caffine addiction, has no significant health problems." - Doctor John McReedy, Stafleet Academy, Stardate 238505.21.

Sickbay Log

238411.13 - Admitted for treatment of a shattered clavicle, sustained during a diving competition. Made a fairly simple error in technique, and entered the water badly, resulting in injury. Treated immediately, and kept for observation overnight. No complications.

238508.01 - Admitted to USS Indria-A sickbay for concussion sustained during an attack by a Klingon vessel. Treated and released, though not cleared for active duty until 238508.12.

238603.09 - Self-admitted to USS Constitution-B sickbay due to unpredictable behaviour that resulted in a telempathic assault on Lt. Cmdr. Zubowskivich. Medical scans revealed elevated activity in her paracortex, as well as depressed isoboramine levels in her system.

Stardate Not Applicable - Suffered severe damage to visual cortex as a result of physical inflicted by psionic overload. No treatment available, and was rendered totally blind for a period of approximately ten years. As this event took place during an anomalous event that manipulated the crew's memories rather than any actual occurrence, condition was completely reversed once the manipulation ceased - as was a decade of ageing.

Psychological Profile

There have been a number of major changes in Della's life, each of which have left their mark on her psyche. As a rule, she is quite well adjusted, and has no major problems except for the occasional surge of unfamiliar emotions, memories, and impulses from within herself, plus the occasional memory black-out. She has an as yet untested theory that some form of telepathic interference with her symbiote may well be in some way responsible for these incidents.

Events on 'Eden' during the Avandar's first maiden mission have left their mark on her, however. Whilst she does not consider the effects to be serious enough to warrant investigation and treatment, she has noticed a few changes in her habits as a result of experiencing a decade totally blind - not least of which is her discomfort with complete darkness and the fact that she now will not sleep without a light on, albeit dimly.

Counselor's Assessment

"Given the profound changes that have been thrust upon Cadet Vetri, I can only assume that a combination of innate will, and an excellent level of support both on Trill and Betazed have allowed her to maintain her balance. The Symbiosis Commission prepare their candidates well for joining, which has helped enormously, especially in the case of what happened with her finance, and I thank Allah that they did their job so well. In general, I believe Cadet Vetri to be fine for duty, though she does appear to have some issues with intimacy and personal space, probably due to her empathic abilities." - Lt. Sayiid Khan, Starfleet Academy, Stardate 238505.23

Counseling Log

237908.12 - Entered long-term counseling and education program at Betazed Institute of Mental Health, as a result of the unexpected emergence of empathic ability. Over the course of approximately 18 months, was taught how to handle and control these abilities, as well as given the support required to adjust to their presence.

Telepathic Status

Della's psionic abilities are strong, but largely untapped. She is able to receive emotional broadcasts from pretty much any species with a two-lobed brain at a respectable distance, but doing so deliberately requires her to concentrate, and she has little in the way of a buffer to protect her from surges of exceptionally intense feeling. There have been incidents of her getting a spontaneous "read" off of another person, but these are uncommon, and typically occur only with physical contact. This is rarely a good thing, as she has even less protection than normal when in physical contact with the person she is sensing.

In most cases, her perceptions of emotional states appear to her as an often complex aura of shifting color around the person in question, which she has gotten pretty good at decoding into some kind of meaning.

Recent events have suggested that there may well be more to her abilities than first thought, including a couple of recent incidents suggest that she may also be able to receive actual imagery and memories from others in close proximity, if they are telepathic themselves. This has not been a particularly pleasant experience for her on either occasion, but also apprears to have been merely a precursor. Of late, there have also been occasions where she has been able to establish telepathic contact without realising it, even if the recipient is not psionically active themselves.

There is a theory, as yet untested, that past telepathic interference with her symbiote has served to effect her abilities in some way. Given the suspected reasons for this interference, she is very wary about digging deeper into that particular mystery at the moment...