Delirante, Sara

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Sara works for the Miri Planetary Council, in the city of Cru'ela on Miri IV.


She is a very attractive young woman of 23 who knows that men find her attractive. She is 5'9", about 125 lbs with long wavy golden hair hanging down to about the middle of her back. She has blue eyes and more curves than most men can handle.

She seems to be a very joyful person, enjoys smileing and flirting with men. She always dresses to show off her body in the most enticeing way she can. She has a brother Hugo.


Sara was one of 2 native Mirians who greeted the away team from the USS Eagle on stardate 238512.12 when they arrived in the capitol city of Cru'ela and landed their shuttle near the Miri Planetary Council building.

Almost from the start she flirted with Ensign Cam Michaels. In fact it was not very long before they were shareing a bed. She was also the only eye witness to his accidental death 5 days later on stardate 238512.17. She had been showing him the power generation system that was about 15 km north of the city near the village of Techville.

While walking along one of the maintenace walkways bolted into the cliff they paused to become entangled in a passionate kiss. During this kiss her necklace broke and fell. Michaels then climbed over the safety railing and lost his grip falling to his death. She was questioned by Lt. jg. Scott shortly after this occured. Lt. Commander Tel-ar was also present but did not take part in her interrigation.