Deka Empire

The 102nd Rule (Spa Resort)

Nestled on the opulent shores of the Kingdom of Manar, the 102nd Rule is home to the galaxy's most luxurious spa treatments. Relax in a waterfront villa or suite, basking in the "Old World" feel of the resort. While equipped with the latest and greatest in recreational technologies, visitor's will be hard pressed to notice its presence. The entire property is designed to feel authentic and antiquated, while still providing the best guest experience possible. 102nd Rule of Acquisition: "Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever" While the staff are friendly, the actual treatments seem a little too "miraculous" and skirt legality (genetic manipulation? sketchy practices? using people as guinea pigs to test out new treatments) Has a very Risan-feel to it. Most technology is hidden, so that the "resort" looks more natural. There are replicators and computers and holograms, but everything is modeled to look more "traditional" or "old-worldly"

The Blessed Exchequer's Palace (Casino & Hotel)

285 Floor Hotel and Casino, which the first 100 dedicated to the Casino. Upper levels are dedicated to a luxury hotel with all the possible amenities. Each floor after the first is dedicated to a different culture or species. Games on that floor are modeled after that theme, such as a floor dedicated to Ferengi games of chance (domjot, dabo wheels, etc), one for Terran games (poker, roulette, Blackjack), one for Wadi games, etc. Gambling is not restricted to games of chance, "bookies" can be found for all kinds of gambling Sophisticated anti-cheating AI that watches the entire casino for any illicit activity, as well as biometric recognition to validate winnings and determine who the staff should spend their time on (cost-benefit analysis) Every floor has at least one fancy upscale restaurant, and bars can be found throughout the casino floors.

The Latinum Jewel (Cruise Ship)

Cruises not only the Sea of Kabor, but also dives underwater, flies over mountains and then does a small tour in high atmosphere/low orbit. Bottom-most deck is transparent on all sides and the floor, serving as an observation deck Balconies and upper decks are open, but can be sealed off with retractable transparent aluminum barriers to protect the passengers during the air/space/undersea segments of the journey. Restaurants, bars, pools, theaters, holosuites - all the possible amenities of a futuristic cruise ship