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“He alone deserves liberty and life who daily must win them anew.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Hull Characteristics
    • Size/Structure: Standard Chon Outpost design, consisting of four main modules with extensions
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter of Central Hub: 113 meters (112 m internal)
    • Diameter of individual Habitat Pods: 46 meters (45 m internal)
    • Diameter of Structure (at widest point): 206.25 meters
    • Height of Core (COC to Fusion exhaust): 200 meters
    • Height of Structure (Comm antenna to Lower Docking Extention): 342.8 meters

Notes / Description

The former Chon Defense and Science Outpost discovered by the USS Atlantis had been abandoned for the last 13,000 years. Though time has taken its toll, the outpost has remained in remarkable (almost impossibly good) condition. Due its remote location, and the uncertainty which surrounded the disappearance of the Chon, it had only received transients and visitors until Starfleet decided to set up permanent residence there. The Atlantis personnel did find one inhabitant, though. The Prelian named Dorlan, who had been exiled from his homeworld because of criminal activities against the Illarans, was hiding on the station. Apparently, Prelians are immune to the affects of the radiation that had been leaking from the fusion reactors.

The space station is composed of a central cylinder a little over 100 meters in diameter and about 50 decks long. Somewhere in the lower middle of the station is the main shuttle bay. One end of the central cylinder houses a communications array and sensor equipment. The opposite end of the central unit had an upside down "T" shaped projection that is docking ports. Surrounding the central cylinder are three other cylinders equidistantly spaced around it, forming a kind of triangle shape, and connected to the center unit but not each other. Each of these is a habitat pod, also 50 decks long, but measuring just less than 50 meters in diameter. Each of these habitat pods also has a shuttlebay, and six other smaller cubical units projecting from them. These cubical units are docking pods with extendable tubes. The metal that the station is made of is of a green color, reminiscent of the metal hull on a Klingon "Bird-of-Prey".

In 2397, the station was transported via subspace, emerging in orbit over the Caraadian planet, Paldor II. Thanks to the efforts of the Atlantis, the station was moved away from the planet and into the orbit of a nearby moon.

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