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Decon Tiki

“Decon Tiki”

The holodeck gets replaced by Chaise lounges with side tables on a sea of white sand dotted with pink plastic flamingos surrounding a giant non-chlorinated fresh- water pool that is between three and thirty feet deep it has a water slide at around twenty feet and a diving board at thirty. There is a full tiki bar with a replicator under the bar, two giant piles, one of assorted inflatable pool toys and the other of plastic beach toys off to the side. Picnic tables in a big circle around a replicator that looks like a 21st century Terran Gas Grill. The tiki torches and Chinese paper lanterns gave the area a dimly lighted view and one could see a kiddie pool of rum and hula dances moving to the Hawaiian music in front of the palm trees in the background. Behind the tiki bar are giant tiki themed dividers hiding two fully equipped bathrooms (featuring: stalls for both toilets and showers, and replicators for clothing) and a giant banner sign is displayed next to the bar saying “Welcome and congratulations on entering this luau you are now cured!” ::

Filters : Decon Tiki incorporates special bio-filters that have been refitted for use in a holoprogram. The filters were inspired by the killer pathogen code named, BYGO (Bleed Your Guts Out), that threatened the crew of the USS-Atlantis. The cleansing process takes exactly five-minutes and uses only the standard amount of energy as a traditional holoprogram.

Extras: In addition to all main and special features are holographic server staff and a holographic bartender

This holoprogram is proudly brought to you by Ensign Guinevere"Gwen" Gardener, Engineer aboard the USS-Atlantis. All rights reserved.

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