Dead in the Water & Whispers from the Ruin (Denali Station)

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After the USS Juneau makes a request to Denali station for personnel to assist with a discovery Lieutenant Commander takes a small team to rendezvous with them. Meanwhile Commodore Oddas leads the rest of the crew on an expedition to an abandoned city ruin.

Act 1

Dead in the Water

Denali Station received a message from Commander Melchor, CO of the USS Juneau, requesting the station send additional personnel to help them investigate a discovery they’d made during their current survey mission. As the Juneau was only a few lightyears away Commodore Oddas decided to dispatch Lieutenant Commander Falt and a small team n a runabout to rendezvous with them and provide support.

After a few hours the team arrived at the agreed co-ordinates but the Juneau was nowhere to be seen, and was not answering hails. Scans detected them orbiting a nearby gas giant, but when the team make their way there they discovered the ship floating powerless and adrift. Whilst the runabout, piloted by Marine Warrant Officer Kingsley, made a low pass of the ship to look for any external damage they suddenly experienced a power drain themselves and were forced to crash land in one of the Juneau’s shuttle bays.

Fortunately no one was injured during the emergency landing, but the team quickly discovered the power drain was affected all systems, including their tricorders and phasers. Not wanting to suffocate in a runabout Commander Falt ordered the team into the shuttle bay in EV suits, with the intention of sealing the bay doors and repressurising the room so they could begin looking for the missing crew. After a couple of close calls the team succeeded and were able to leave the shuttlebay.

Whispers from the Ruins

Commodore Oddas lead a team to investigate a mysterious energy signal in a city that might once have been a twin to Denali, but which now laid in ruins, flooded and overgrown.

The team travelled by shuttle, and no sooner have they landed and exited their shuttle than they were set upon by a flying reptile. Ensign MacGillian attempted a high-risk manoeuvre to drive the beast away by leaping off a building. He was successful, but ended up separated from the rest of the group. Lieutenants Forsyth and Kettick and Ensign Vahin were dispatched to retrieve the wayward Ensign, but as they regrouped with MacGillian they were forced to run away from more of the local wildlife.

Meanwhile, Commodore Oddas and her team, consisting of Lieutenants Parvana and Xiron and Ensigns Strathmore and Bowman, continued exploring the ruined city in search of the source of the signal. In doing so they discovered their environment had many similarities with Denali, but also a host of new mysteries.

Act 2

Dead in the Water

As the team left the shuttlebay they met Lieutenant Sanchez, one of the Juneau’s crew members. She was unable to shed any light on the situation, but did confirm she had not seen or heard from any of the rest of the crew. Fearing the worst Falt led the team to Engineering to set up a command post, before sending Lieutenant Commander Kendrick, Lieutenant Drex and Ensign Harford on a mission to attempt to locate the missing crew.