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Assistant Director
David James Whale
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Federation Security

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This entry summarizes David Whale's Starfleet career 2381 to present.

Starfleet Academy

  • Major: Security
  • Minor: Tactical
  • Stardates: 238109.01 - 238512.20

Though Whale was a very good Academy student in the 23rd Century, his performance in the 24th Century was rather middling, possibly due to a feeling that his re-entry into the Academy was uneccesary and "forced upon him."

USS Tiger

  • Rank: Ensign - Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Assistant Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238512.20 - 238608.22

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238608.22 - 238612.14

Whale faced a number of difficult situations during his time on the Tiger. Shortly before assuming the role of Chief of Security, he was part of a botched rescue mission to a pre-warp world during which he and the rest of the landing party was required to undergo surgical alteration in order to blend in with the planet's indigenous amphibious life forms.

Whale put his legal knowledge to work during his testimony in the murder trial of Lance Firestarter and later, with the help of Alexandria Somers and Ashtad Gee, uncovered evidence that led to Firestarter's acquittal.

A possible blemish on his record was the kidnapping of Captain Sidney Riley immediately after Firestarter's acquittal. Though Whale's actions or lack thereof have never been questioned in his C.O.'s abduction, it is possible that his feeling of having failed to adequately protect the Captain led to his transfer out of Starfleet Security.

Starbase 118

  • Rank: Marine Captain
  • Duty Post: Commanding Officer, Marines Contingent
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238612.14 - 238703.07

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238703.07 - 238703.19

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Jhen Thelev
  • Stardates: 238703.19 - 238708.27
  • NOTE: Whale also served as First Officer 238706.06 - 238708.27

USS Independence

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238708.27 - 238710.16

USS Constitution

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Posts:
    • Assistant Chief of Security
    • Chief of Security
    • First Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Samuel Perkins
  • Stardates: 238710.16 - 238808.08

USS Drake

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Quinn Reynolds
  • Stardates: 238808.08 - 238904.11

  • Rank: Major
  • Duty Post: Executive Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Commander William Rogers
  • Stardates: 238904.11 - 238910.27

  • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Duty Post: Executive Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain William Rogers
  • Stardates: 238910.27 - Present

Command Reviews

Assessment: Captain Riley

Lieutenant JG Whale your dedication to the security of the Tiger is unfailing. Your performance this last mission was excellent and your adherence to the Prime Directive is noted. It is a great pleasure for me to promote you to full Lieutenant. - Captain Sindey Riley, USS Tiger promotions ceremony 238608.22

Disciplinary Log

No records found.

Sickbay Log

  • Shortly after his assignment to the USS Tiger, Whale was admitted to sickbay with injuries consistent with a fist fight. Officially logs list cause of injuries as "holodeck mishap."
  • During a mission to investigate an apparently derelict Gorn vessel in Federation space, Whale was seriously injured in an explosion and the subsequent decompression of the Tiger's shuttle bay.
  • While en route to his new assignment on Starbase 118, Whale was admitted to sickbay on the USS Tiger with a broken nose. The injury was sustained during an Andorian dueling exercise with Lieutenant Commander Jhen Thelev.
  • After assuming command of the Marines contingent on Starbase 118, Whale was diagnosed by Doctor Sasak with space myopia. As a result, Whale cannot be cleared for flight status any of the small craft assigned to the Starbase.
  • While evacuating civilians from Deep Space 17 during the Second Battle of Eratis, Whale was shot twice by Vaadwaur attackers. He suffered serious injuries to his left arm and shoulder, major blood loss and briefly suffered a cardiac arrest. He is expected to make a full recovery, but will have his heart checked on a regular basis as a precautionary measure.
  • After suffering serious heart palpitations aboard the USS Constitution-B, Whale undergoes treatment to remove scar tissue from his heart. The operation was performed by the Constitution's Chief Medical Officer Doctor Sally Stone and was successful in removing all scar tissue. Full recovery is expected.

Psychological Profile

Due to the difference in eras, Whale was required to re-enroll in the Academy in order to continue with a career in Starfleet. Given that no time passed for him while trapped in the anomaly, he was not happy about giving up his hard-earned rank and counselors at the Academy have reported that Whale frequently feels himself to be better than his classmates due to his previous experience. Academy counselors have recommended that regular visits to the nearest available counselor be made a requirement of any Starfleet duty placement for David Whale. It is believed that Whale chose to re-enter Starfleet Academy because he sees Starfleet as the only connection that remains from his earlier life. It is also felt that the loss of, essentially, his entire world combined with what Whale may have seen as an unwarranted reduction in his Starfleet status may have long-term psychological effects that have yet to be observed.