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Starbase 118


David Rouse


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Marine
  • Ship: Starbase 118
  • Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
  • Race: Human
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 236310.21 (26)
  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

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2nd Lieutenant David Rouse is a marine officer at StarBase 118 Ops

Personal Data

  • Full Name: David Aaron Rouse
  • Date of Birth (Age): 236310.21 (26)
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Male

Physical Description

  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 79 kg
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Lenght of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Scars: None
  • Tattoos:
  • A combat knife vertically piercing a skull, with the words “1st Recon Bn” above it, and the words “Swift, Silent, Deadly” beneath on his forearm.
  • An orbital parachutist badge beneath the SFMC emblem on his right chest.
  • A pair of eyes across his shoulder blades.
  • Build: Athletic
  • Medical Problems: None reported.
  • Allergies: Allergic to penicillin.


  • Parents:
    • Father: Theodore Rouse (49)
    • Mother: Evelyn Rouse (Deceased at age 36)
  • Siblings: Evangeline Rouse (17)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Personal Achievements:

  • David is an accomplished athlete, having established the Starfleet Cadet Corps swimming records for the 100m freestyle (48.2 secs) and 100m breaststroke (59.99 secs), in addition to winning several swimming competitions during his academy time. Furthermore, he has been a sailing competitor since his mid-teens, having won several prizes.
  • Earned Orbital Parachutist and Scout Sniper qualifications during his enlisted carrer (pending requalification), with over 50 recorded live orbital jumps.
  • He is proficient in the Romulan language, having learned to speak it fluently and with no accent. He can also speak Klingon, albeit to a limited degree, and read – but not speak – Gorn.


David was born in 2363, six weeks before due, in Gloucester, Massachussets, on Earth, a city with a long seafaring tradition. Both his parents worked in the local fishing industry as boat captains, and thus, David developed a strong relationship with the sea from a young age. His parents never allowed him to go on fishing cruises due to ever-present dangers of the job, which have continued to exist despite the technological and regulatory improvements, but he would often observe the work around the boat in dock and sometimes help crews with small and easy tasks until he was finally given his own sailboat, at the age of 14.

In 2379, however, his life took an unexpected turn. His parents always took turns on their runs, making sure at least one of them would be at home to take care of the children at all times. That fall, it was Evelyn's turn to go out to sea. Four days before her boat was due to return to port, however, a large storm system developed off the Eastern US seaboard. It is thought that her boat, the M/V Shooting Star VII, was caught in the storm and sank. Neither the vessel nor its crew were ever found, despite extensive searches.

Losing his mother was, obviously, a life changing event for David and his sister. With his father gone for weeks at a time, David had to take responsibilities he never thought he would bear at that age. Not only he would have to take care of the house, he would also need to take care of his sister. They have developed quite a strong relationship because of that, and to this day David is extremely protective of his sister, checking up on her as often as he can.

A few weeks after his 18th birthday and graduation from high school, David attended a job fair. The Starfleet Marine Corps put up quite a show, displaying their equipment and some of their tactics, in addition to setting up a holosuite where prospective recruits could experience a few facets of Marine life. David tried the orbital skydiving program and was immediately hooked. That same day he signed his enlistment contract with the Marines.

Once he told his family about his enlistment, however, things got quite complicated. He had a big fight with his father, who would have to leave his captain post for a job at the harbor, since he wouldn't be able to count on David to take care of the family anymore. They didn't spoke to each other for three years following the fight.

Rouse soon reported for Basic Training at SFMCRD Parris Island. He was not the brightest nor the strongest recruit, but he had something the other recruits didn't, leadership. The other recruits were quick to rally around him, and his instructors were quick to notice that. Unfortunately for him, he had joined straight out of school, and thus his only chance at earning a commission was through the Marine Corps Academy. His drill sergeants encouraged him to take the admission exam, but he opted not to, as he did not feel ready for a leadership position.

Shortly after his graduation from Basic as an Infantryman, Rouse decided to enter the Marine Corps Reconnaissance pipeline. He took the monthly Reconnaissance Assessment and Selection exam and passed on his first try, being assigned to a MART (Marines Awaiting Reconnaissance Training) platoon, where he would hone his infantry skills in preparation for the advanced training he would be starting two months later.

During his Basic Reconnaissance Course Rouse proved himself once again as a more than capable soldier and leader, raising the attention of his course coordinator, Captain Vinnie Lauwers. Following graduation, Lauwers immediately took David under his wing, offering him constant advice on how to further his career with the Marines.

A few months later a slot opened up for the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Course, a prerequisite for Recon assignment, and Lauwers called in a few favors to have David signed up. The young private did not disappoint, although he received an official reprimand for assaulting an officer during the Resistance part of the course, when his class managed to outwit their mock captors and mount a successful escape attempt. Curiously, as such activity was not in the curriculum for that part of the course, the class was forced to surrender themselves to their captors in order to continue training. Once again Captain Lauwers intervened on behalf of David, however, and the reprimand was expunged from his records.

After graduating from SERE School, David was reassigned to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, where he would continue honing his reconnaissance and infantry skillset. During his time with the 1st Recon David participated in several small-scale operations across the Federation space and earned a promotion to the rank of Lance Corporal.

His continued quest for self-improvement soon earned him a Scout Sniper billet and, with it, a spot on the Scout Sniper Course, where he learned how to effectively engage targets at long range with both directed energy and projectile weapons. He also received extensive gunsmithing training during the course.

David's dreams came true the following year, though, when he signed up for and was accepted at the Orbital Parachutist Course. He once again excelled at the course, striving for perfection jump after jump. Following his graduation as an orbital parachutist David decided to seek a full special operations qualification in the near future, and perhaps one day become an operative with SFMC Force Reconnaissance.

In 2385, David was finally talked into taking the Officer Training Academy examinations by his mentor and now commanding officer, Major Lauwers. His continued good performances and displays of competency and leadership, combined with good scores across the board earned him the privilege of attending the Academy.

Being a former enlisted, David was designated as his class' Senior Cadet straight away. While he had already been exercising his leadership further, having been promoted to Corporal, David wasn't used to serve as a leadership figure for larger units – his academy class had over a thousand cadets, as opposed to the squad sized units he was used to. Surprisingly, he actually found a measure of satisfaction in tackling this challenge. Even though he did lose top seniority on his second year, he managed to stay within the top percentile of his class throughout the entire course, holding leadership positions within the Cadet Corps during all four years.

Career History

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
G2-e1.png Private 238103.05 - 238111.25 MCRD Parris Island Recruit
G2-e2.png Private First Class 238111.26 - 238303.20 MCRD Parris Island Rifleman
G2-e3.png Lance Corporal 238303.21 - 238505.20 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Reconnaissance Man - Parachute Qualified
G2-e4.png Corporal 238505.21 - 238506.05 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Reconnaissance Man - Parachute Qualified
No Image Cadet 238506.06 - 238912.09 Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Training Academy Cadet
G2-o1.png 2nd Lieutenant 238912.09 - Present StarBase 118 Ops Marine Officer

Professional History

  • 236310.21 - Born in Gloucester, MA, Earth
  • 238103.05 - Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps
  • 238111.16 - Graduates from SFMC Basic Training
  • 238111.16 - Promoted to Private First Class
  • 238111.26 - Passes Reconnaissance Selection, assigned to 'MART' platoon
  • 238201.10 - Begins SFMC Basic Reconnaissance Course
  • 238203.16 - Graduates from SFMC Basic Reconnaissance Course
  • 238209.12 - Completes SERE Course.
  • 238209.13 - Assigned to 1st Recon Bn.
  • 238303.21 - Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • 238308.02 - Graduates from Scout Sniper Course
  • 238410.29 - Graduates from Orbital Parachutist Course
  • 238505.21 - Promoted to Corporal
  • 238506.05 - Passes SFMC Officer Training Academy Selection (MOS: Ground Intelligence Officer)
  • 238912.09 - Graduates Officer Training Course at SFMCOTA; Promoted to 2d. Lt.
  • 238912.14 - Reports for Duty at Starbase 118.
  • 238912.18 - Assigned as Platoon Leader. 1st PLT, D COY, 2d BN, 292d Infantry Regiment, 118th Marines.

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